…he will always be my little boy.

We had a lovely holiday on Wednesday… the 4th of July was special, yet again.  Last year Kellan was a nursing baby, and did not do a whole lot.  This year was quite different.  Noel, Kellan and myself spent the entire day at my parents home.  We took a walk down to the park (where the fireworks are set off every year), Kellan tried his first snow-cone (did not like it, odd??), we listened to two bands, played in the pool, and I took a load of pictures.  It was peaceful.  Kellan did great!  Because I like to coordinate my desserts/food that I bring according to the theme, I made appropriate color treats.  Red-white-&-blue cupcakes, Pretzel Sparklers, Rice crispy treats, I bought some Ranier cherries on my way over to my parents house, and I also made a 7 layer mexican dip with chips.  My Mom looked up a recipe for layered drinks.  So we tried that, and mission accomplished!  It was a bit tricky, but they looked fabulous.  My Dad barbecued rib-eye steaks, there was homemade beans (Pioneer Woman recipe, to die for!!!!), and a green salad.

We did not buy any fireworks this year, so I am hoping that next year, when we will have two little boys, we can buy our own and have our own get together at our home.  Our two boys will get to watch our very own personal firework show and I think that will be more entertaining for them then staying up until 10:30pm to watch the BIG show that the city of Wenatchee puts on.  That is what would make me happy… hopefully my household of boys will let Momma bear do that, we will see…

My wish for this year was to keep Kellan up until the firework show at 10:30pm.  It was hard to do since his usual bedtime is around 7:45pm every night.  He lasted until 10 minutes before the show.  Then as soon as the first big boom went off, he opened up his eyes and watched the entire show in his Daddy’s arms.  I might have watched Kellan and Noel more than the firework show, and that is just fine with me.  I have seen a million fireworks go off, but to see their eyes light up and see their heads tilted in towards one another in comfort of the cool evening, it was magical, all in itself.  I am so blessed.  Love is just what our family is.  Everything about it.  I think I still kiss Kellan 4389 times a day and I don’t care.  He is such a sweet boy and telling him “I love you lil booboo” and kissing him on the forehead or his lil’ toes makes me happy.  I think he might be getting it, this thing called love.  Either way I will continue to shower him with love and affection until he has his own family… and even then he will always be my little boy.

Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!  Below are some photos of our day:

[the tiny silver circles are the actual cannons that shoot off the fireworks into the air… pretty impressive if you ask me…]

[our second 4th of July as a family of three, & also our last!]

I am 21 weeks and one day pregnant in the picture above, a small bump, but it is there!  Can’t wait until next year when I get to celebrate the 4th with my three boys!!!  Horray!


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