22 weeks

1.  I am officially 22 weeks pregnant.  I feel huge, but am told I “barely look pregnant”… hmmmm… pregnancy is going normal, healthy appetite, everything is checked out to be A-okay, so hopefully baby brother will simply keep on growing and arrive on time.  (Our due date is now around November 12th.)

2.  My sis came into town this weekend with her hubby and two babies.  I still call them babies when they are clearly growing up, but to me they are still my little baby nephew and baby niece.  Below are photographs from our weekend:

[Jackson will be 4 on August 1st, Ali is 2, and Kellan is 15 months old]

3.  Kellan loves bath-time!  Always has and hopefully always will.  I wonder what it will be like with two babes in the tub?

4.  Sleeping is hard for me to do now, due to comfort issues.

5.  Noel had to spray last night, which means he left the house at 9:30pm, and was out all night, he is still out working… hopefully he will be home soon to take a nap.

6.  Kellan is having his first sleepover at Nana and Grandpa’s house tonight!  I have his bag packed and he is all ready to go.  I am excited for this too because it means date night for Noel and myself.  Horray!!

7.  The temperature here in Wenatchee has been hot.  Too hot.  105 degrees is the norm now-a-day, and if you don’t have to be outside, don’t!  Seriously, it is too hot to do anything but swim in a pool (if you dare step outside).

8.  Baby brother is quite the active lil’ boy in my tummy.  Every night he just kicks, punches, rolls around, anything he can do it seems like he does.  Noel and I lay down every night and we watch my tummy move.  I love this stage of pregnancies.  So exciting, it is actually reassuring to me, being a Mom, when I feel kicks I think “Okay good, everything is alright with the world”.

9.  We are indecisive on our baby boy name.  And no I will not share with you all the name until we pick one… this will probably be another Kellan fiasco, where we don’t have a name until the day he is born… here we go again!

10.  I am already sleepy, feel exhausted and it is only 2:11pm.  Plus the cramps and aches (technical term is called round ligament pain) is so painful I can barely walk at time… hopefully I start feeling better because I gotta get ready for my hot date!  Adios muchachos!


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