kiss his forehead.

I had honestly wondered what was going on with my jive the last week or so.  And part of it is that I have not blogged in, dare I say it, 12 days… what????  I have been busy though people.  Trying to move everything out of the new nursery, and slowly filling it with baby gear; directing Walker’s Furniture to where I want the new furniture for our media room; trying to keep up with Kellan; getting him out of his “no breakfast for me Mom” mornings, which then leads to a cranky dude for the better portion of the morning.  (This problem is hard.  He does not want anything I give him for breakfast.  I am assuming this is just a phase, and eventually he will realize he does need breakfast every day, but for the meantime, listening to him whine is not something I enjoy.  Wish I could do something, anything.)  Plus our garden is a whole-nother story.  Check it out:



{these are our tomato plants… yeah I know!  they look more like bushes to me too.}

Alright, I did take photographs that did not include our garden, but it was a beautiful evening, a tad hot out, but other than that it was a perfect photo-op, and Momma likes that!


I follow a blog called Enjoying The Small Things, and Kelle suggested to let you all know 5 things I am tired of and 5 things I am not tired of… here ya go:

5 things I am tired of:  being tired, achy feet and back, the constant battle of “no no lil boy” and then hearing him say back “no no”, to-hot-to-even-go-outside-for-a-walk-weather, same songs playing on the radio over & over & over & over again.

5 things I am not tired of:  our thunderstorms at night producing beautiful lightning and noise I just love, crystal lite lemonade, cherry pie, feeling baby brother kick, asking for a kiss from Kellan and him leaning his head into mine to kiss his forehead.


Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday my friends!



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