what makes me happy.

It’s already Monday?  Dang.  I was enjoying every moment I had with my husband on his four days off.  And let me tell ya, I had conversations with him without being interrupted by his phone, we played with Kellan, we even took a road trip to one of our local lakes, Lake Chelan, and spent the entire day swimming & eating.  Having Noel home for those days made me realize and remember how much I cherish the slow season, the winter months, because I get to see my hubby.  It was perfect in every way.

We had talked about what we were going to do, and we did everything on the agenda.  Started setting up baby brother’s room (meaning Noel and Kellan put together the dresser), we went to Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and bought 27 pounds of blueberries from one of Noel’s cousins, the Mrachek family, we canned blueberry jam and raw-pack blueberry quarts, spent the day at Lake Chelan, and had our relaxing days too.  I am already looking forward to the next time he gets a few days off, or even a day off, because to me, they go by so quickly and watching Noel and Kellan in their little world either jabbering, singing or loving is what makes me happy.

Our Lake Chelan day:


Have a beautiful start to your week my friends!


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