Tired does not even begin to describe the way I feel.  Exhausted.  Ache-y.  Eyes wanting to close.  Body sleepy.  The second trimester usually is a nice place to look forward to, yet I am feeling like I am back to being 10 weeks pregnant again.  Why?  I hope it passes, I am sure it will.  For the meantime, however, it is challenging to keep up with my lil’ boy running around the house, getting into everything, trying to teach him “why we don’t do this” or “why we don’t do that”, instead of the constant “No, No, No” I hear myself saying in my head (do I say this out loud a billion times every day, or do I just think it?), and being a productive Mommy and Wife.  Trying to juggle everything and multi-task is getting a wee bit hard for me to manage. 

Lucky for me, my parents and Noel’s entire family live here in the Wenatchee Valley and have helped me out whenever I need some time to do, well, anything.  Thank you ladies, it means the world to me.

I am off to my 25 week OB appointment this afternoon, must go get ready for this outing…


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