Feeling good.

Feeling good.  That’s how I feel right about now.  I colored my hair back to a reddish-auburn color, got it cut by my hairdresser, nursery is coming together quite nicely (way to go babe!) and our media room is just about complete.  Our home is so peaceful to me, and being able to utilize every room and space we have is essential.  Each room has a function.  And we are using up our space accordingly.  Because our home is a three bedroom home, we now use up all three bedrooms as such.  Before, when it was just Noel and myself, we had a guest room and a computer room.  This is no longer the case.  Two nurseries are.  This makes me smile.  Our “theater” room is now transformed into a media/ computer/ books room.  It looks amazing!  All our furniture is in place, Noel just has to hang up the pictures on the walls (once I figure out where I want them placed).  Feeling good.


Tomorrow afternoon my Mom, myself and lil’ boy are taking a road trip to visit my sister and her family in Cheney.  I am ubber-excited, as usual, to visit them.  Plus, this is probably the last road trip we will take that way until we have our sweet baby boy.  My Mom is a teacher at Eastmont High School, and they start school on the 29th of this month (what the heck??) so in order to have an extra set of hands in the car, we thought this would be a nice little trip and we get to spend three days with my sister and her family.  I love having the cousins get together and play.  Kellan is now big enough where he watches what Jackson and Ali do, and either tries to mimic their every move or just watches them in awe.  It is quite entertaining.  They all get along so well, I can only imagine what it will be like when our newest member of the family is old enough to play with them.  Kellan is getting good practice at sharing, being patient & playing, so I am just hoping this will carry on until baby brother is old enough to rough-house with him and shoot some pucks.  (Yes, we already have hockey sticks in the house for Kellan, and yes he already knows what to do with them.  I just need to find a small net so he can have something to aim at when we takes his slap-shot.)

Until next time my friends…


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