I dig that.

Oh my the week has flown by for our family!  We have tended to our garden, harvested all the remaining corn, we now pick tomatoes daily (at least three to four every day), cucumbers (every third day or so), and even cut into one of our watermelon’s last night.  This garden has been a blessing to me.  It is fun.  It is actually FUN!  I kept on hearing my husband tell me how much work it would be, all the hours we would have to be out there to maintain it, but to tell you the truth it has been a joy.  Kellan and myself go out there every morning or late evening (when Noel gets home from work) and we check it out.  There is always something to be picked, a new flower that bloomed, weeds that need to be pulled out from our garden paths, and water that needs to re-vive some of my burned leaves (Noel sprayed to get the pesky bugs out and accidentally burned some of my bell pepper leaves… but they seem to be adjusting okay to that extra lil’ burn).  The trick is to keep up with your garden.  If you let it get out of hand, or don’t tend to it every day then I can imagine what it would turn out to be.  A big pain in the butt.  Luckily for me, I have the pleasure of staying at home with Kellan, so it was a fun outdoor project for us to do every day.

[these three photographs are from when I cut Kellan’s hair for his “first” haircut]

We have enjoyed our pool, our lawn, just being outdoors this summer.  After being cooped up all winter long, this summer has been a nice change of pace for us and Kellan is an outdoorsy-kind-a-guy.  I dig that.  However being pregnant in this heat has not been a whole lot of fun.  It doesn’t stop me from going out there with my lil’ man though.  We just put on our swim suits, grab our water, spray some SPF on and head outside.  Mind you, we are not out there for hours at a time, but it is still do-able for this preggo mama.  I asked Noel last night on our way to my birthday dinner, “So, how did I do in the heat?”, he looked at me, smiled and said “Better than I thought you would.  I thought you would complain about it being to hot out, but you haven’t, not one time!”  Why, thank you babe.  Our summer was only two months long here in Wenatchee, meaning the heat of the summer 100-104 degrees, and thankfully I believe it is now done.  The evenings are getting a little bit cooler, a calm breeze usually is in the air, and we can finally start taking our evening walks again.  I have missed those!  Being pregnant, you are supposed to be getting exercise, and to everyone who knows me and how active I am, I have strayed far from working out this pregnancy.  I do the best I can, but let me tell you for those two months, we maybe walked to get the mail two times.  Our entire family is anxious for our evening strolls around our neighborhood once again…

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!



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