100% faith

Days off are and have been few and far in between, however, cherry harvest of 2012 has now officially come to a close.  Horray!  We all made it through another harvest and to me that means accomplishing a whole lot.  Patience of myself, my husband, of Kellan.  Our family unit must have patience with one another during these summer months because it can be stressful for Noel (workwise) and myself (homewise).  But we are a good team, we lean on each other for support, for guidance, for any type of anything, and I have grown to find this trait extremely important to our relationship.  Our marriage is strong because we have 100% faith in one another, that we can make it through anything together.  During harvest, our lives need to be routine, this helps us function through the stressful moments of cherry harvest.

Since harvest has come to a close, Noel had yesterday and will have today off.  So we are busy little bees up at our house completing projects and Noel is, as I type this, cleaning out our garage.  Kellan is out there helping him meanwhile I get to write, something I enjoy greatly.  I am anxious to start our fall traditions, the weather seems to be ready as well, we are ready to just calm down & more importantly slow down.  

I thought it would be a fun idea if we went up to Lappin Forest (one of Noel’s orchards) on Sunday evening and go for a little Kubota ride (I call it a “Kado” ride because I always forget what it’s actually called), but none the less, Noel agreed to it and we drove the 30 minutes up to his orchard and spent an hour and a half just cruising around the orchard and through the forest looking at the trees, wildlife, and simply enjoying one another’s company.

[there is a squirrel on this tree, Noel had to point it out to me as he is camouflaged into the tree bark… our only wildlife we saw during this trip…]


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