ying & yang

Silver Falls.  Anyone heard of this place before?  If you live in or near the Wenatchee Valley I am sure you have.  Silver Falls is located in Entiat, Washington, about 33 miles up a canyon you drive on a small road that barely can fit two cars on it.  (Noel told me during the winter months you can not drive on it, the only mode of transportation is by snowmobile.  Ummm, what?  Yeah, this is true people.)  Now because my husband likes the “great outdoors”, and we now have a toddler who also loves it outside, I am sort of gently pushed into going along for the adventure.  I did not know what to expect.  Noel kept on using the word “hike”, which scares me.  I am not a hiker.  I especially do not like it when I am 29 weeks pregnant and we are in a summer month.  I am pretty fit, or I was pre-pregnancy, and let me tell you that this was an up-hill hike.  I am assuming we made it a mile before my vision started to go blurry and my huffing and puffing was noticed by my dear hubby.  I was spent.  Silver Falls is beautiful, and my goal that I made for myself was to hike at least up to the first waterfall.  Check.  It was beautiful.  I understand why people go hiking up there, it was a sight to be seen.  But, you can go “hiking” around your neighborhood, or along the Loop Trail.  To me hiking is anything uphill, you don’t have to be in the middle of a forest surrounded by super tall Christmas trees to be hiking.

Now it might sound like I am complaining here, but I am not.  I do not mean to.  It was a fabulous day spent with my two favorite boys, Kellan absolutely loved it.  He loved holding Daddy’s hand and trying to step over roots and continually pointing at the dirt saying “Dirrr”, which Noel and I would smile and say “Yes Kellan, that’s dirt”.  He is getting to be quite the jabber box lately.  Am I teaching him all these things?  You betcha!  But I must give my husband credit here because without him we would not be going out doing these wilderness adventures.  I like familiarity, but there comes a time and a place to step outside your little circle and go exploring.  Thank you hunny for a wonderful day.  And thank you for broadening our little boy’s mind into the world of “boy hood” stuff you will be doing throughout his childhood.  Seeing a glimpse of how much he loved it, I know probably melted your heart.  Melted mine too.  We have a good ying & yang babe!

[this is two minutes after we buckled him in… tuckered out lil’ boy!]


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