first half

September has been a full month for our family.  I have been M.I.A. from the blog here because we decided to take a trip to Maui, Hawaii for two weeks.  It was beautiful.  I know you forgive me.  But, let me back up here and start from the beginning…

Starting on Monday, September 3rd I was determined to start packing for our trip.  I got out our three suitcases, and opened them up and was ready to start filling them.  Because I am a person who enjoys making lists (I hate forgetting anything), I had made a few to “check off” certain items once they were nicely placed into the suitcase.  Thankfully I was finished packing on Saturday the 8th, because that was the afternoon we drove to Seattle.  Had a nice evening, then left bright and early Sunday morning for our big trip.  Kellan has never traveled like this before (all day long), Noel and I certainly have never traveled with a baby, let alone our baby, and we had really no clue as to what he would do.  I packed play-dough, crayons, a coloring book, some new books with sounds & buttons (he loves those!!), his favorite snacks, juice cup, the good ol’ iPad, and some headphones.  Seems like enough right?  Right.  Check.  He did pretty darn good the entire day.  Only cried for maybe two minutes on the plane when he was fighting sleep, but other than that, we all survived.  Our luggage came through with no problems and we headed off to our resort.

I will not bore you with every little detail of the trip, but man did we have an amazing time.  I actually got to start and finish a book, Noel went snorkeling & was super-Daddy (I could not have made it through all the many walks and charlie horses without him!), and Kellan was a fearless ocean and pool-loving dude.  It was just perfect.  This was an amazing first family trip together.

Enough chatting, enjoy some of the photographs we captured during the first half of our trip:

Stay tuned for the second half of our trip my friends…


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