1.  Craving banana smoothies.  All day, every day.  This makes me extremely happy because bananas are something I need to eat every day, due to my Charlie horses that I have been getting.  Last night my calf felt like someone was ripping it apart with a trillion knives.  Excruciating pain, not as bad as contractions, but not pleasant… At. All.
  2. Still trying to catch up with all my missed and recorded TV shows.
  3. Baby boy is currently head down!  Horray!
  4. We have a name picked out, but are not telling anyone (except family) until we see his precious lil’ face on his birth day.  But, I will tell you his initials will be N.M.M.
  5. A little nervous about Kellan no longer being the only child, the baby, the only lil’ boy I have and dividing my time up between our two boys.  How do Mom’s adjust to this?  I am sure it will all play out just fine, but in these weeks leading up to our new babe’s birth, I keep questioning and wonder how everything will be.
  6. I am officially 34 weeks pregnant today!  Booyah.
  7. My sister and her two babies come to town this weekend!  I cannot wait. 
  8. Noel is playing in a golf tournament on Saturday.  This will give Kellan and myself the opportunity to spend the entire day with my sis, Kellan will get to play with his cousins, and my parents will also be part of our day!  We are planning on going to a winery in Quincy for the better part of the day where we will get to dine on mussels, clams, oysters and other shellfish.  Plus there is going to be a live band in attendance, so the kiddo’s will get to dance, run around, and play together to the jam-session.  It will be a beautiful day.
  9. Feeling very pregnant these days.  Everything hurts.  The way I sit, lay, eat, walk, and the punches and kicks I am getting are hurting as well.  Excited to meet our lil’ boy and see who he looks like and just give him a million kisses as soon as he is placed on my chest.
  10. My hubby turns the big 3-0 in 13 days.  I know he doesn’t like to be reminded of it, but I am excited for him.  I always try to make our birthdays special, and because of this I asked him what he wanted to do, where he wanted to eat his “last meal” of 29, what type of cake he would like to devour, and all the extra details.  I hope to plan a fantastic party for him.  He deserves it.  I love you babe!!


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