lucky to have him!

Things have been happening to my lil’ boy.  As you are well aware I will always call him my sweet lil’ angel boy, even though he is growing up before my eyes, but can I just say Wow!  Noel and I took K-man to his 18 month check-up on Tuesday afternoon.  I had in the back of my mind, okay this means shots, probably multiple shots.  But when we got there and he got on the “adult” weight scale and was measured by the “adult” height doo-dad, I thought to myself, “well you have a young man on your hands now!”

His current stats are:

-Weight:  27 pounds (73%)

-Height:  32 inches or as the CMA said “2 feet, 8 inches” (41%)

-Head circumference:  18 inches (6%)

Looks pretty darn good to me.  I have been feeding him the right stuff, he is continuing to grow and thrive, & Noel and myself feel pretty lucky to have him!  He is a lot of fun, he has a TON of energy, and lucky for me Noel is just as energetic with Kellan.  (Makes me happy because right now I could lay down all day long and be content with that.  I have zero energy, but as a Momma to a toddler, I have learned to just push through that and enjoy every moment I have with him until this new babe arrives.)  Kellan is the only child right now and I know I will be extremely emotional the day I go into labor, a lot will change.  I am anxious for it and a wee bit nervous at the same time.  We all will have to learn to adjust.

While we are on the topic of my little dude, he is talking now.  That’s right.  He repeats everything we say, if we ask him “Kellan, can you say cheese?” he will reply with his version of it.  I do this a lot with him.  He has a hard time with words that are longer than two syllables, but for the most part he understands.  He follows directions, is easy to re-direct, content playing with his toys (by himself, I don’t need to “entertain” him), and is overall a super happy boy.  He rarely cries, he can climb stairs up and down (like a big boy), still sleeps through the night 8pm-8:30am, still takes a two or three-hour nap during the day, and this Momma is proud!  He can do a lot of things, I am interested for what the next six months will bring… hockey skating, shoveling snow with Daddy, building snowmen, being an attentive and helpful big brother… oh the joys we will share before our first-born turns the big T-W-O years old.  Dang, 2???  Already??

[my lil’ angel]



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