…I love it!

It is no surprise that I am pregnant.  Yet people still ask me as if in doubt, “Are you pregnant hunny?”  Ummmm, no I just have this huge belly, but thank you.  My Mom, sister and I have nicknamed these random comments, comments that do not mean anything but actually make you the ‘answerer’ puzzled, “UA’s”.  Unwanted advice.  Now, not all the time they are trying to give me advice, but rather questions, absurd questions that do not warrant an answer.  However, I usually just smile and reply with “Yes, I am actually due in 5 weeks my darling” and chuckle quietly to myself.  Some people do not know any better, and all I have to say is bless you.  Bless You.

[washing our puppy, Callum]

Today marks my 35th week of being pregnant.  Our sweet baby boy is in a head down position and should not move out of this, which just thrills me.  I have always had a fear of having to be rushed into having a cesarean section, so hearing my mid-wife let me know of this exciting news made me grin from ear to ear.  I am also measuring a week early, so he might make his appearance closer to November 7th, and not November 15th, which was also nice to hear.  By this point in my pregnancy, I am uncomfortable, I feel like I can’t do anything.  Kellan is a busy little dude, and I do my very best to keep up with him, but I feel like I fall behind while he runs ahead of me.  I am super ready to have my “old” energy back and enjoy the simple things such as being able to play with him, reading to him while he sits on my lap, or cuddle him properly (without him resting on my “shelf” of a belly).

Since Noel and I are now the proud parents of two boys, I get the question constantly “Now I bet you are gunna try again for a little girl, huh?”  I usually smile, and say “Maybe.”  But the honest truth is I do not foresee being pregnant again.  We have been blessed with two boys and my dream was to always be a Mother of two sweet boys.  My dream became a reality, and I gotta say I am pretty darn content.  I told Noel that if he does want a little girl we can do this preggo thing again, but he is happy with our family as well.  What can I say?  I am a lucky lucky lady.  Plus, while we are being honest, girls frighten me.  First I think about doing their hair every day, combing it after bath time, fixing their hair for school (buns, ponytails, curl it, braids, etc.) and my little girl saying “Mommy, you’re not doing it right”, painting of the toenails and fingernails, accessories, teaching them how to apply makeup, showing them how to shave their armpits and legs, and the most important thing of all: the clothes & shoes.  I do not say that I was a dream daughter growing up, but my Mom handled my sister and myself very well.  I always looked cute (thanks Mom!), and was never ‘dirty’, I had my nails always trimmed neatly, plus I had a beautiful woman to look up to and want to be just like.  Don’t get me wrong, I see other little girls and they are all just amazingly precious.  I have three nieces, who I just adore and love their every little girly move, prance, and skip.  Plus all my American Girl dolls & books, Barbie dolls, and special collector’s edition Barbie dolls will now be passed down to them.  Giddy doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about doing this.  So, for now, I surround myself with boys (human and animals) and I love it!  I love every moment of it.


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