1. We had a windstorm slash rainstorm last night.  I woke up multiple times during the night due to the howling and whirring I heard outside my window.  Then this morning as I gazed out my front window there were garbage cans in the middle of the street, on the sidewalks, I saw BBQ’s knocked over, it must have looked like the The Wizard of Oz storm- but Wenatchee style.
  2. I have to confess that I have been reading a memoir since July.  It has taken me this long because of multiple interruptions, then I lost track of where I actually was, then other things just took over, i.e. baby mode… I must say though, that I have about 50 pages or so to finish it.  It is a good book, it is about a recovering addict, so of course I relate to some of her stories, but none the less, it will be returned to our local library later this week for someone else to enjoy it.  I just love the library.  Save a little, spend a little.
  3. Is anyone else watching the New York housewives reunion?  Ramona’s dress is just horrendous.  It was probably $1,000 and it looks as fake as her necklace.  I wonder who her stylist is, or if she has one.  If not, then she desperately needs one.  Oh darling.
  4. Four weeks to go.  Of course I am referring to my pregnancy.  Next week I will be 37 weeks, technically “full-term” and let me just say, lil boy can make is appearance at any time.
  5. I.  Am.  Uncomfortable.  (Due to being in the last month of my pregnancy, this is by far the toughest month to go through.  Every move I make aches.)
  6. Noel and I had a movie date night last Saturday.  I treated, because of course his birthday was yesterday, the movie was his choice, “Taken 2”, and it was darn good.  Liam Neeson is one of Noel’s favorite actors, mine as well, and we both enjoyed “Taken”, so of course we figured that the sequel would be just as good.  It didn’t disappoint.
  7. Trying to complete the last of my “nesting” projects I have here at my home.  Slowly putting the garden to bed for the winter (we still have some tomatoes that are green, bell peppers that need some more harvest time, and multiple butternut squash that is not quite ready to be eaten yet), clearing out the dead/dried up flowers outside, updating my garden seeds to order for next year, putting a stack of recipes onto recipe cards, making a 3-ring binder with tabs for my recipes (I have a recipe box full of recipes, but want to make an additional 3-ring binder of recipes that are our favorites, because I think this will be an easier way for me to keep up-to-date on this project of mine), & let’s see, I think that about sums up my projects.  I have a lot to do in the next four weeks.
  8. Sabrina, the “star” on the television show Dancing With the Stars is amazing!  I could watch her dance a million times; she just embodies a perfect dancer.  Sabrina actually looks like the “pro”.
  9. Noel is in Finley with his brother Curt for a few days finishing up orchard to-do’s before the snow starts falling.  This is the last time they will be down there for the year (hopefully), and I am excited about that.  It is hard to give Kellan a bath, lifting him up & down a trillion times every day, into his high chair & out of his high chair, onto the couch, into the car & out of the car; without Noel helping me, I get exhausted even quicker.  Oh boy, am I complaining?  Whining?  Sorry.
  10. Tonight I get to watch Katy Perry’s movie!  Because Noel is out of town, I get to watch my girly movies and I have been secretly dying to watch this.  Plus I think I will make myself a batch of homemade popcorn, the real butter, and a dash of salt to enjoy with my flick.  Holler!


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