“I can go at any time.”

I have been a little M.I.A. for the past week and a half.  I will explain everything.  I’ve got good reasons.  Let’s start from where I left off last time, shall we?

I have been showering my lil’ boy with loads of love, completing all my “nesting” projects, and have learned to take it easy.  For the past few weeks I have been making myself little “to-do” lists for the week.  This is so I don’t feel overwhelmed, I get to “check off” items on my chores list, and feel a sense of accomplishment.  (With this big ol’ belly getting in the way of pretty much every day simple tasks, everything takes me double the time.  Having a list keeps me on track, and doesn’t scare me away from doing them.)  My thinking has led me to just acknowledge all the new adventures our family will embark upon, and we are all ready to do this thing!  This leads me into a new area…

I am now 38 weeks & 3 days pregnant.  My tummy is as hard as a rock, it is huge (my older brother Alex asked me if I was having twins… thanks for the self-esteem booster brother!), and we are finishing up the last little decorative things I wanted to do in the nursery.  I am in the beginning stages of labor.  I have been having contractions (Braxton-Hicks) every day now, multiple times each day, I am dilated, I am effaced, I am exhausted.  I feel like:

“I can go at any time.”-Arnie

“Arnie, no!”-Gilbert

“Anytime.” –Arnie

Tell me you have seen What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  If you haven’t it is one of my favorite movies, and I highly suggest you run to the store and buy it.  You will not be disappointed.

But yes, back to my pregnant self, I am anxious and excited.  I am a little nervous, just for the contractions and labor part.  I have done it before, but each birth is a little different, and I just hope for the best.  I know how much pain I will be in, that is no shock, but just finally getting to meet our lil’ boy will be pure & utter bliss.  My sister, Carly, decided a few weeks ago that I must have a baby shower for this lil’ guy.  Who am I to stop her?  Eating good food, seeing my friends, chatting it up, playing games, opening gifts… and when will this take place you ask?  Why tomorrow at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  So, I just have to wait until after tomorrow evening and then I can go into full-on labor.  I honestly think he will stay put until Tuesday, but you never know.  I could start getting hard contractions any minute.  Labor is such a game of guess when?  You never know.  A mother’s instinct is usually correct, and I believe that he will grace us early next week… but like I said you never know.

Tomorrow will be such a beautiful day, I have my outfit picked out, my high-heel boots ready to squeeze my tootsies into, and I am ready to see all my friends (and their babies), not to mention there could be four or five other pregnant women in attendance!  Yippy!!  Such a fabulous time in my life right now, right before the birth of our second baby, getting showered with love, it is truly an amazing thing.


On a totally separate note a holiday came & went.  Halloween 2012!  Yes we celebrate, we usually carve our pumpkins, we go to at least one spooky party, and of course we eat our fill of fun size Butterfingers.  This year I had high hopes of being extra festive and going to an actual pumpkin patch and searching for our perfect pumpkins.  I wanted to dress us all in nice clothes with accents of oranges, reds or yellows, take a billion pictures, and drink some hot apple cider.  Sadly this did not happen.  We did venture out to a local pumpkin patch called “The Patch”, which was not open, so that idea got botched.  On our way home I proclaimed, “Next weekend we are going to Smallwoods Harvest and picking out our pumpkins there!”  Knowing that they would have just as many pumpkins, plus Kellan would get to see the animals they have there.  The weekend rolled around and we did not drive out to Smallwoods.  I was a little bummed, but knew we could get our pumpkins at our local Fred Meyers.  Ahh yes, that is what we did.  Not as magical as I had wanted it to be, but Kellan did enjoy picking out his pumpkin and painting it. 

That’s what it’s all about.  Seeing your children’s eyes light up, having the opportunity to do something crafty or new exciting them makes it fun for the parents to witness.  Creating memories, really getting into the holidays, making it fun for them, all these things wrapped up into one makes me very enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays that are quickly approaching.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.  Not to mention five birthdays to celebrate between these three holidays.  But in order for me to relax and enjoy every moment, I need to tell myself constantly to slow down & live in the present.  Usually the holidays give me anxiety, all the buying, wrapping, thinking up ideas to do with the family, just the excitement of it all.  I always want to do it all, knowing I can’t; I strive to do it anyway.

I got side-tracked there.  Sorry.  Halloween 2012!  Okay, so we ended up doing our pumpkins the morning of the 31st, Kellan didn’t know any different.  He got to paint his pumpkin, I scooped out all the seeds of our three pumpkins and roasted them in the oven, and then I used a sparkly paint and painted our other two pumpkins myself.  Noel usually carves all three for us, but because we were a little late this year, we had to improvise.  Mommy took charge, I am not strong enough to carve, so paint it was.  We also went to a Halloween party at my sister in laws home; which was amazing!  I made some edible eyeballs, cut up fresh veggies and made an onion dip to go along with that.  Then I doubled a batch of fresh homemade sugar cookies and iced the cats black, the pumpkins red and white (Freddy’s ran out of orange, thank you Fred Meyers!) and pureed a pumpkin dip for the cookies.  It was quite tasty.  The party was fun, all the kiddos really enjoyed themselves and everyone dressed up in costume of course.  Kellan was batman, Noel was Robin and I was a vampiress vixen.  Thank you Leah for hosting this fabulous party!

October 31st, was an overall cold and gloomy day in our valley.  It usually is for Halloween, mark my words, for the past decade, every time this ghostly holiday rolls around our town turns into a scary city.  The clouds hang above us, the streets look a bit darker, the costumes look even scarier and the people get more festive.  & by festive I mean they add way more fake blood to their faces and dress in black from H to T baby!  (That’s a phrase from America’s Next Top Model, it means Head to Toe, and yes I still watch it even though I am 27 years young thank you very much…)  Our friends, Morgan and Whitney have a little munchkin named Mack who is now 10 months old and Kellan loves him!  We have a few pictures of Mack on our fridge and every day, Kellan points to them and says “Makk, Makk!!!”  So cute.  The six of us went trick-or-treating down on the Avenue this year.  The men pulled the two boys in our Radio Flyer wagon up and down the Ave. and it was just so nice seeing everyone elses costumes, as well as being part of this Wenatchee tradition.  I have never been down there for this occasion, but I think it was a good way to spend it with friends, plus our boys loved it!  They couldn’t stop smiling & neither could we.

…and yes back to the upcoming holidays… This year will be quite different.  I will have a newborn, a toddler, a husband (who by the way, decided to make new shelves in our garage, so I get a constant ‘hack hack, or zzzzzzzz noise’ coming from the garage… but the finished product will look amazing!) and this year I am going to ask Noel for more help with the buying and wrapping of the gifts.  He is always eager and willing to help me, it’s my problem because I have to ASK for help.  I am not good at doing this.  He knows that.  So hopefully our worlds will collide and he will just do it without me really asking for help.  We will see what happens, heck I still have 3 weeks before Thanksgiving and 7 and a half weeks before Christmas.  I got this.


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