Noah’s Birth Story, Part 1

It was just a regular Tuesday afternoon.  I had my 39 week check-up with my midwife, Stacy, at 1:10pm.  I was looking forward to this appointment because I was feeling extremely uncomfortable being pregnant.  Even though I still technically had one more week of my pregnancy, I was ready to have our baby.  No contractions in the morning, everything was looking up to be a normal regular pregnant day.  Then I arrived at my appointment, Stacy said everything looked normal and asked if I wanted her to strip my membranes.  I immediately with no hesitation said “Yes please!”.  Stacy told me I should expect some cramping, but that I was good to go.  I called Noel right after the appointment and told him everything she said, then I ran some last minute errands that I wanted to do before Noah arrived.  (Getting my oil changed, stopping at Bountiful Fruit to get our fruit for the week, and a stop at Auto-Mocha for my favorite banana smoothie.)  Once I got home, Noel, Kellan and myself just hung out and I wasn’t feeling like myself, so we ordered Pizza Hut.  After I hung up the phone, I started having contractions.  This was at around 4pm.  I instantly knew these were real contractions, not cramps, and if they continued we would get to meet our little boy soon.  Our pizza arrived at 5pm, I wasn’t even hungry (which was weird), but sat down with Noel and Kellan anyway and tried eating a slice.  Through every bite I took I had a contraction.  They were not exactly regular, every 5 minutes, every 9 minutes, every 3 minutes… so we waited.  Then I remembered what my friend told me to try if I believed I was in “real” labor, take a bath and if the contractions are still present, then you are in true labor.  I ran a bath, stepped in, had contraction after contraction, got out, told Noel that this was it, and we called my Mom and sister.

I had asked my sister, Carly if she would video record the birth, and she jumped at the opportunity and said “YES!!”  She lives in Cheney, so we wanted to give her plenty of time to drive the 3 hours into Wenatchee and make it for the entire labor and delivery.  We had asked my Mom if she would be in charge of Kellan while Noel and I were at the hospital.  She said, “Of course I will do that for you, Katie”.  So after making those two calls, Carly was on her way into town and my parents were on their way up to our home to pick up our little dude for the next two nights.  I was still having contractions, pretty regular at this point, and as soon as my parents showed up to get Kellan, we left within 45 minutes to go to the hospital.

Noel helped me finish packing my hospital bag, we loaded everything into the Edge and I kept on looking at Noel and I could see the excitement he had.  He looked the same way when we were headed to the hospital when I was in labor with Kellan.  He looked like a proud Father.  An excited husband.  Anxious and joy.  So many different emotions, I know, because I was feeling all those same emotions as well.  Then he said, “Hunny we are gunna have this baby tonight!”  Yes babe, yes we are.  He is truly my rock, and when I doubt myself, Noel reminds me that I can do it.  He is such an amazing partner and lucky enough for me, he is my best friend.  So when he tells me with confidence that I can do it, I believe him.

We arrived at the hospital at around 8pm, checked in with the ER ladies, and was wheeled back to the maternity ward.  This time around, I could actually walk into the hospital, but felt nauseous, and had been feeling this way for two hours or so.  Vomiting is associated with extreme pain, but I was so excited that I was finally in labor I thought it was an excitement nausea.  Little did I know, my dear husband would get the brunt of this sickness all through the night.

Stay tuned for Noah’s Birth Story, Part 2…

[photographs are from Noah’s baby shower, four days before his birth]


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