Noah’s Birth Story, Part 2

I did get sick, sadly multiple times, and I believe it was due to the amount of pain I was in.  Noel, had caught something far worse.  The stomach flu.  My niece Ali had it the previous weekend, and unfortunately passed it onto both my parents, one of my little brothers, Kellan and now my husband.  And let me just say it was no picnic.  To be sick or to hear someone being sick is just a sad state of affairs.  I was in the hospital after all, contracting & dilating and was full of emotions that one more thing did not really affect me.  I just felt like I couldn’t bring my A-game through labor and all the hard contractions that I would be going through that night, while my coach and best friend was as sick as a dog.

Once I got into my hospital gown, and had a few bouts of sickness myself, I was laying in the hospital bed.  My midwife was on her way to the hospital, my sister was on her way, and we had notified all our family members that this was “it”.  Once the nurses strapped on my heart rate monitor and the fetal heart rate monitor around my round belly, I finally felt at ease.  The nurse asked me what my birth plan was for the pain.  I told her that with my first labor, I had fentanyl and an epidural and I had planned on doing both those things this time around again.  She set me up with an IV in my left hand and gave me my first dose of fentanyl.  At last a little relief.  The contractions were still coming, in frequent now, which upset me (I did not want to be sent home), and who walks through the door, but my midwife, Stacy.  She checked to see how far I was dilated and I was still only 3 ½ – 4 centimeters, and 80% effaced.  I thought okay, what do I do?  The nurses suggest I walk around the halls of the maternity ward.  So I got up and did some walking… a lot of walking.  My sister, Carly finally arrived and she was with me all through the night walking the halls.  Noel slept for a few hours, and then Carly had her turn to sleep for a few hours, while I stayed awake the entire night having contractions.  They were painful, but not excruciating quite yet, so I knew I still had hours of labor left.

Stacy stayed at the hospital the entire night, in her sleeping room, but it felt good knowing she was there in case anything happened.  (She is amazing!)  At around 5am, I started feeling a few hard contractions.  They were starting to get closer together and I looked outside and the sun was coming up.  I had not slept in over 21 hours, I was getting tired.  I got a regular dose of fentanyl every two to three hours, but I was starting to fear that I would not have enough energy left in me to push once I got to 10 centimeters.  I told Stacy my concern and she told me some options we could do.  I did not want to induce my labor, so she told me once I got to 6 centimeters, she would call the anesthesiologist to give me an epidural, and then Stacy would break my water and hopefully that would encourage my labor and contractions to progress as naturally as possible.

Our nurse, Heather informed me that because Noel was “sick”, there was going to be a meeting with the director to see if he could stay in the room any longer.  I brushed it off because there was no way in hell I was going to deliver our baby without my husband.  I never heard anything more of this.  But our room was on quarantine.  Every nurse, every doctor, or in my case, midwife, who entered our room had to wear a bright yellow gown.  How attractive.  But at least there was no more discussion as to if Noel could stay or not. 

I was dilating, but very slowly.  Heather brought in a rocking chair for me to sit in and rock back and forth.  This was nice.  It felt good to be out of the hospital bed, and in a new position.  I knew once I got my epidural, I would be bed-ridden until after the delivery.  Once the sun came up, my Mom came to the hospital.  I had wanted her there to support me and take pictures of the birth.  I was in the middle of having some pretty painful contractions and I heard her voice, then I smelled McDonald’s or something greasy.  At the end of my contraction I said, “Whoever just brought in something greasy smelling get rid of it… please”.  Hey, at least I said please at the end.  I couldn’t eat solid foods, just ice-chips, popsicles, water, juice, J-ello or pop.  What a menu, huh?  I was starving, so smelling actual food made me annoyed.  The contractions were every five minutes apart, I could feel them coming on, and knew I would be in pain.  Stacy came in again and suggest I try to lean up on the bed with my tummy (sort of looked like I was on all fours) and breathe through the contractions that way.  I did this for a while, and then it started hurting again.  So I lay on my back she checked my cervix.  Yes, I was finally 6 centimeters.  Hallelujah!  Stacy called for the anesthesiologist right away, I felt like my body was getting weakened with every contraction I had.  Although I had encouraging people by my side, rooting me on, I felt like I couldn’t go on any longer with my labor…

Stay tuned for Noah’s Birth Story, Part 3…


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