Noah’s Birth Story, Part 3

Stacy informed us that only one person could be in the room while the anesthesiologist performed his duty.  Of course Noel stayed; there was not even a discussion about it.  A woman needs her husband.  (I am sure my sister and Mother knew that, so they gracefully stepped outside for the time being.)  As Noel walked to kneel in front of me, he grabbed both my hands as I was enduring contraction after contraction.  I sort of heard what the anesthesiologist was saying, but was trying to focus on my breathing.  In between contractions, he gave me my epidural and he timed it just right.  Thankfully.  I must have squeezed Noel’s hands so hard because I left red and white marks on them.  Although I do not remember doing so.  Then after about 20 minutes, the contractions were up-lifted and I was free from the hard contractions.  I could still feel a little pain, but nothing near as torturous.  With Kellan’s birth, the epidural was set to a setting so high that I felt like I was on a cloud.  My speech was slurred a bit, and I just did not feel like I was in my own skin.  This time around we explained that I wanted to feel some pain so I would know when to push (when it came time), and I did not want to have that feeling of being “high”.  Mission accomplished.

About an hour and a half after I received my epidural, Stacy came back in and announced she was going to break my water.  Hooray!  I did not feel a thing.  I am sure this is a good thing.  It only took her a minute or two and then hopefully I would start dilating more quickly.

I was wrong.  It took me another three hours until I was dilated to ten.  I was lying in the hospital bed, having Noel assist me to roll from side to side and was chatting with everyone in the room.  Noel was looking not so pale, which made me extremely happy and my Mom and sis were chatting and making me laugh.  They are very good at doing this.  The three of us have a tight-knit bond, so anytime spent with one another ends in laughter and gossip.  Good ol’ gossip.  Celebrity gossip people, okay?  Plus my Mom brought me a card of congratulations from my Auntie (my Mom’s sister), it is always nice to hear from her, and being that she lives in Michigan and obviously can’t be here, I knew she was proud of me.

So… three loooooong hours later, Stacy checked my cervix and I was dilated to ten.  Booyah!  I couldn’t believe it.  I felt like I had my energy back and could push for hours until he arrived.  I got a little nervous and anxious as well.  Thinking, “Oh my god, I get to finally push now, we get to meet our little Noah”.  Noel was taking a nap on the couch in the room, and I said rather loud, “NOEL, we are dilated to TEN, I can PUSH!!!”  He jumped up and rushed right over to hold my hand.  We looked at each other our eyes connecting, I didn’t have to say a single word, we just knew what the other was feeling.  I love that bond I have with Noel.  It is so encouraging.  He doesn’t have to say a single word and I know.  I just know.  Hard to explain unless you are deeply in love with someone.

My Mom looked a little nervous, but she had the camera all ready to take pictures.  My sister was smiling, and looking at me like “You got this!”  Stacy looked pretty excited to get to deliver her 493rd baby.  The nurses were prepping everything.  There was a lot of commotion going on and I was ready.  I was ready to meet our little boy, I looked at Noel and he said “Okay babe”, that’s all I needed to hear.

Stay tuned for Noah’s Birth Story, Part 4…


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