busy little smiley weasel

Some things never change. Good or bad? I enjoy change, sometimes, but it is frightening. You don’t know the outcome, you don’t know how you will feel, you don’t know what the time frame will be, you don’t know anything. It’s all a guess. A chance. Do you take a risk and live vicariously or do you stick to the boring same ol’ thang?
Over the past three years my entire world as I knew it had changed. I became a wife, a housewife, a Mommy to one, and then a Mommy to two. Oh, and you know they are both boys right? Actually, living in a house of all boys is my reality now. And yes, I absolutely love it. However, in the beginning I didn’t realize my world of regularity would be changed. Changed for the good. Changed for the better.
First by keeping our home clean, cupboards in the kitchen stocked with healthy food, bathrooms sparkly white and laundry neatly folded and put away. To me, this now sounds like a 1930’s housewife. And that was what I was becoming. I naturally have a neat and organized personality, but I took it to a whole ‘nother level. I took pride in keeping our home to my perfection. If you took a picture of it now, you would clearly see the change.
A month after our beautiful wedding day, we found out we were pregnant. After the pregnancy, I gradually got into the groove of things, and once again had a schedule and kept it up.
Now I have two little boys who are 19 months apart, and I am one busy Mommy. I know I can’t keep the house in pristine condition all the time. The laundry does get piled up, and I get to it when I can. The dishes in the dishwasher may or may not be clean… Depends if I can remember if I started it or not. And at any given moment you will find our dog and cat hair on the carpet. But you know something? I have two very happy little boys! Some things can wait. I have learned this with time. And I would much rather spend quality time with my boys than do the dishes. Kellan is a busy little smiley weasel, a new name because he seriously gets into EVERYTHING, especially when I am nursing Noah. (He figured that out pretty quickly… Mommy can’t get up when she has brother, so that is when I can get into the “no no” things…) And Noah, well he is just happy to be fed, burped and changed. Easy little dude!
So now I welcome change. It is still hard for me to do, but change has given me a husband, two little boys, and of course my sobriety for over three and a half years.


Things I have been enjoying lately:
Quality time with three of my favorite girls… crafting I might add:
023 025 026 031 032


Daddy & sons time:
010055011 Cousins playing with their Uncle Lachlan:
019021Noah’s little yawns:
003Seems as if Kellan is changing too, his nap time today is a lot shorter than usual, gotta go get my little weasel… Have a good Monday friends!!


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