pouty lips…

Ever hear of the term “baby acne” before? Well, my sweet boy has got it. Kellan did not get it as a baby, but Noah has little red and white specks on his right side of his face. As well as on his right ear lobe. Now, just like every Mommy does, I research everything, so this was no different. I had remembered the most important thing about baby acne from when Kellan was a wee babe, because some of my friends’ babies had it. And that factor is that it bothers us, Momma’s, more than it does your baby. So I know to not touch it, do not put any type of lotion, ointment or oil on it, and just let it run its course.

Easier said than done.

It does bother me. I feel like a helpless Mom. There is nothing I can do. Then I think, “What if it hurts him?”, “Does it itch him?”, “When will it go away?”. Noah is so precious… his dark brown hair, his little belly button, his baby blue eyes, his perfect nose, his pouty lips… I just love every little thing about him. And I don’t want anything to hinder his health. I know deep down that baby acne is extremely common with babies, and I know it will eventually disappear, but for this short time I just have to accept it because there is absolutely nothing I can do to make it go away any quicker.

Baby acne must run its course. Repeat to self until it clears up.

[my sweet Noah being held by Nana]

IMG_5230 IMG_5233


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