Baddabing, baddaboom.


I know for a fact that I am not the only person who has ever had a “handyman” come to your home, right? Well we needed some work done in our kitchen area, and when Mr. Handyman got to my home at 10am, I left with both boys because it’s just awkward, then I came home expecting my big project to be almost done, and the house is turned upside down. Not literally. But things just seem off.

This is going on in my home right now.

We needed some tile work done in our kitchen, as well as a few other home projects, and let me just tell you, I didn’t like the sound of it, and right now I have a headache and can hear the handyman hacking away downstairs. Like, seriously? Does it have to be that noisy?

Then, when the lil boys and I came home from my Moms house this afternoon, I immediately put Kellan down for a nap, and noticed the bathroom light on, the hand towel not hung up and a magazine on the tub ledge… Hmmmmmm… Then I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where handyman is working, and I see a diet Pepsi sitting on the counter. We have a 12-pack of diet Pepsi in our fridge… Coincidence?? I don’t like people in my home. It makes me feel weird. Do they feel weird too? I am breastfeeding Noah, so it makes that weird. So now I nurse in my room or the rocking chair in Noah’s room. I feel like I am putting the handyman “out” when saying “excuse me, but I need in my fridge”… I just wish I could click my heels together three times and my tile would be put back together, the wood trim done, the dishwasher done and the carpet done. Boom. Baddabing, baddaboom.

However I forget how men operate. They seem to be slower at getting things done than women. They are way more precise and things have to be done perfectly when they do things, but they take forever!! Why? Just get in there do your job and then be done with it. (Sorry if you are male and reading this.  We women, love you, men… Sometimes venting is needed to be done in order to keep us from exploding on you plus it keeps us level-headed.)

Today is day one of my home being worked on… Handyman got here at 10:30am (he was supposed to be at my home at 10am sharp, luckily for him he did call and alert me he was running behind schedule so he would be a bit late… you are not on my list Mr. Handyman, I forgive you), it is now 2pm 3pm and it doesn’t look like much progress was made… So how many more days of this do I have to endure? This is MY home, so why do I feel like a foreigner? Does anyone else feel this way with your handyman???



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