Lucky is an understatement.

A fabulous weekend indeed.  I look forward to every Friday at around 4:30pm, because as soon as Kellan and I hear the garage door open, I look at Kellan and ask, “Who is here?”, he then races to the top of the stairs and patiently waits for Daddy to open the door.  Callum, our dog, does this with Kellan… they are quite the playmates.  Better than steamrolling little brother, but more on that later.




As soon as Noel gets home on Friday, it’s like a party in our house.  Everyone gets excited, Noel gets a kiss from Kellan first, then he usually pats our dog, then walks over to me and Noah (who are we kidding, Noah is like perma-attached to me for the next little while, so I count us as “one”, comprehende?)… Noel then kisses me on my forehead, and lastly a little nuzzle kiss for Noah.




Being a stay at home Momma has many ups and downs, just like any paying job does.  But I am a finerm believer in that mine has waaaaay more ups.  I am lucky enough to get to do what I have always wanted, and I don’t take it for granted.  Plus, not all women feel like they want to stay home.  It is a tough job.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I believe it to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done.




Back to our weekend, sorry I tend to ramble on Mondays, I got a lot to say my friends… Friday night was spent eating dinner, playing with the boys and ending with a movie night in our theater room.  (We have a killer sound system, so naturally I like to call it our very own “theater” room.  Get it?  No.  Okay, nevermind.)  We watched Toy Story, and lil boy loved it!  He snuggled in between Noel and I, helped me eat my cheddar cheese rice cakes and relaxed.  Noah was a champ and played under his activity mat in his Moses basket, and didn’t complain once.  Only squeaked when he hungry.  I am incredibly lucky.  Then, boys went to bed at 8:30pm, and once again I felt lucky.  I knew that both boys would sleep all night.  Lucky is an understatement.



I don’t know how or what we did as parents, but both boys sleep all through the night.  I know this is unheard of for a newborn to do so, but he does.  I nurse Noah for the last time, anywhere from 8-9pm and he doesn’t wake until 7-8am every morning.  Kellan also sleeps from 8pm to about 8am, every night.  He has done this since he was about two or three months old.  We do have a nightly routine we do, which I think that helps out quite a bit, but still, having Noah, a two month old babe sleep for a straight 10-12 hours is pure heaven.  Believe me, I do not take this for granted.


Saturday was spent running errands, the usual.  Then Sunday was a family day over at my parents home.  We had a lovely dinner of homemade spaghetti (courtesy of my Dad), which was delicious, garlic bread and a broccoli salad, made by yours truly.  Then my Mom made a snickerdoodle brownie cake that was topped with my blueberry jam.  My tummy was happy.  I know everyones tummy was.  (Will give you the broccoli salad recipe this week sometime, it was divine.)

We had baths at my Moms then Kellan got to play a bit more with Uncles and Grandpa.  Plus something that is so endearing to me is watching Kellan try to play with his lil bro.  He lays beside him, points at his face, kisses him, hugs him and even shares his toys with him.  Plus, his new favorite thing to do is trying to give him a lift with his feet under Noah’s head, so baby brother can see everything this world has to offer.  What a good big bro.  Although he does try to steamroll his brother, I know its only because he loves him and wants to give him plenty of affection.  Affection = steamroll, I get it.  Kellan can now say “Uncle” very proudly as well.  This makes me smile.  He can point to everyone at my parents house and name them.  Even on the car ride home, Noel and I kept asking Kellan to say “Lauren”, who is Lachlans lady love, and he said her name!  “Aawwwwen”  He is precious.  Smart and precious.  I just love him.



So, like I said, we had a fabulous weekend.  We always do.  It’s nice to spend two full days with Daddy home, and just do whatever we feel like.  Momma likes.  Momma likes a lot!



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