…amazing about it.

After having two boys, breastfeeding both of them in the comfort of my own home, then venturing out to do what many Momma’s fear to do -breastfeeding in public- I have come to the lightbulb realization in that: I am keeping my son alive by giving him what my body was made to do (produce milk) and I am damn proud of that!






When I was pregnant with Kellan, I was determined to nurse my baby.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Noel and I tried to prepare for it the best we could.  Taking breastfeeding classes, reading pamphlets about it, getting wanted and unwanted advice from many, and just thinking about the joy of this bond that only a Mother gets with her baby.  Little did I know how difficult, painful and challenging it was.  However I am stubborn and had determination, so by the end of Kellan’s first month of life I was breastfeeding with ease.  I got it down.

By month two, I had experienced my first time breastfeeding in public.  It was a tad bit awkward, and hard for not only myself, but Kellan adjusting to eating under a semi-dark shield of armor (nursing wrap).  I remember afterwards thinking to myself, “okay that wasn’t so hard.”

Second time around I feel like a pro.  Nursing in public, at the zoo, at the dinner table (in restaurants or at our personal dining table), at the library, at the ice-rink, pretty much everywhere.  I always have my nursing wrap cover on, so any bystander who chooses to glance my way can not see anything at all.  It covers one of my shoulders, Noah’s head, my chest & tummy, and touches Noah’s tiny toes.  It works perfectly; just the way it should.


Some people believe that women should not breastfeed in public, even with a nursing cover.  Some people view it as simply feeding your baby, wherever you need to do so.




To me, I feel amazing about it.  I am keeping my baby boy alive.  Just typing those words makes me smile.  Noah has only had my breast milk since he was born in November.  He has not had an ounce or even a taste of anything else.  I am extremely proud of this fact.  I hope to nurse Noah for his entire first year of life.  Noel and I also decided that we would “put off” giving him rice cereal or any type of baby food until he starts biting me or playing around while eating.

So far, my nursing adventure with Noah has been remarkable.  I feel blessed to be able to do this for my son.  And when he constantly gives me smiles and those sweet baby coo’s I know this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I am a Momma to two beautifully handsome boys and a Wife to a hardworking husband, my life is complete.


My younger brother, Conlan played in a tournament that our local town holds every year, called AppleCup.  His team placed 2nd out of a total of ten teams.  I love watching him play, and since the NHL lockout is finally done, we can enjoy some live & in action, and view the pro players on NHL Network.  Yeah!  These photographs were taken this past weekend, enjoy.











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