Destructo one, destructo two.

Another week gone by, another weekend ahead of us.  My days seem longer, reason being my husband has been driving down to Finley along with his brother and a friend, because the orchards are calling them for duty.  The long winter is coming to an end and the cherry trees need some TLC.  Pruning-TLC.  For the past four weeks, I have been husband-less for four days out of the week.  I miss him terribly.  Kellan misses him.  Noah misses him.  And our two hairy beasts (the animals) miss him.

I have been extremely busy.  From about 7am-8pm I am the caregiver.  Two words: huge responsibility.  I sleep with one eye open, one ear alert for any crying babies, and my back has been achy.  (I think it’s about time I use my Christmas present from my dear husband, and schedule that massage!)

But let me just say that this time in Noah’s life, this most precious time, is also my favorite time.  He is now three months old, which means: smiling, looking all around, cooing, giggling, cuddling, and dare I say it: rolling over.  He did this at my parents’ home a few weeks ago, and I stopped putting him on his tummy because I do not want him growing up.  Noel laughed at me when I told him this, so I started putting him back on his tummy and sure enough, he is a pro!  The name we picked for him, Noah, fits his personality perfectly.  A handsome, happy, hungry and humorous little guy.  I just love him.  Everything about him.

Big brother, Kellan, has turned into destructo one.  (This loving name was given to his Uncle Curt by Grandma Pam.  Destructo two was given to Noel because Curt was the first born son, Noel was the second boy… get it?  Destructo one, destructo two.  Thank you Pam for the name, we have another “one” and “two” in the making.  Kellan is into absolutely everything.  He is rough with his toys.  He is climbing up and onto anything.  He is all boy.  He so badly wants to play with Noah.  He always wants to be near him, calls him his “bay-bee”, and even shares his Matchbox 20 cars with him.  Thattaboy!


Two weekends ago, Noel thought it would be a good idea to take little K-man ice skating.  Kellan patiently waited in line to pay, we got his little size 6 skates (oh yeah, he rocked the blue bombers), Daddy tied them up for him, and they were off.  They made it around once, and Kellan had had enough.  So we put him in a “learning bucket” [these are buckets stacked 5-7 high flipped upside down to help children (and adults) learn how to skate; they push the bucket on the ice while they push off on their legs… looks silly but is quite effective, I guess??].  I, of course took a million pictures… enjoy.

That is all for now.  Have a beautiful weekend.












[the above photograph is of Noel and his siblings, Leah & Curt, skating with the kiddos]


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