…my body back.

Motivation.  Do you have it?  It certainly is hard this time of year, but a necessary thing to have in order to brave the cold air outside.  I am talking about getting my pre-baby bod back.

You see pregnant women all the time, right?  They look beautiful.  They appear to be glowing.  They smile at you because they just witnessed you staring at their big ol’ belly.  The extra weight looks good on pregnant women.  I think.  I like curves.  A curvy woman just appears more “womanly”, in my eyes.

Sure you see the woman who is nine months pregnant and she is quote-un-quote “all belly”.  Their body takes to pregnancy extremely well.  It just looks good on them.  Then like two seconds after they give birth they are wearing bikini’s.  What.  The.  Heck.  I don’t know how they do it.

051 First go-around at losing my gained baby weight was a cinch.  I was back in my pre-preggo pants two months after giving birth.  This time around, not so simple.  Although I thought it would be easier than the first, just because I knew I would be chasing Kellan around and breastfeeding.

I had lacked motivation though.

Yes I admit it.  It was hard for me to even put my tennis shoes on, but I knew I needed to do it in order to get my body back.  After researching things such as “saddle bag workouts” and “get rid of your muffin top” on YouTube, I thought to myself, okay YOU got this!



My sweet lil boy is now 13 and a half weeks old, spring is just around the corner, and I am officially motivated.  After asking around, I have settled on an app on my iPhone called RunKeeper.  It tracks my miles, minutes, calories burned, as well as many other things.  I have used it a handful of times now and like it a lot.  RunKeeper can “remind” me to go for a walk.  I likey.




So if you see a lady walking up Badger Mountain pushing a double stroller, it’s probably me.. gettin’ my groove on, gettin’ back in shape!  This Momma has got the -get up and get movin’- bug, thank you very much.  Holler!

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