my favorite month

Things have been quite busy.  It seems like moments turn into days, which lead to weeks and then months… True story, but time keeps passing and I am trying to soak up every second with my growing babies.  Kellan has officially turned the big TWO, and baby brother is now 5 months old.  Life just keeps on a rollin’.

March was total chaos; with Kellan’s birthday planning, Easter, figuring out our garden situation, and up-keeping our home I had filled my plate to the very tippy top.  Everything turned out perfectly.  Well, smoothly enough.  From birthday piñatas to multiple Easter egg hunts & a visit from my sis and her fabulous family, I would have to say that March has been my favorite month in 2013 so far.


Birthdays are special to me.  I want to make my boys’ one special day a year to be wonderful.  Photographs from 03-30-13:

157 162 168 172 176 190 192 195 197 202 209 215


My lil’ boys, brothers, my angels.

134 138 151


Have a beautiful Monday friends!


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