April showers

April usually brings rain into our valley.  Snow on the other hand is a little odd, but we got it.  The saying April showers bring May flowers is pretty accurate, and its something most people enjoy because immediately following the rain comes the heat of the sun.  This is ironic because Aprils showers also mean crop damage.  Boo!

My husband has been quite  busy again with his work.  Because he works outdoors, with the operations side of the business, every change in the weather is detrimental.  We have been going out to Camp David, one of the orchards, and checking the blossoms.  Some are at full bloom, others only about 70%, and with the help of the bees buzzing around and working hard, hopefully today the remaining blossoms will have bloomed.  However, the weather Gods decided to surprise us with snow this morning.  As well as rain, sideways rain, and now as I look outside, the yellow sun is trying to peak through some clouds.

I know this all to well.  I know rain, hail, and definitely snow are all BAD things for the cherry orchards.  Please rain go away.  Come. Again. Some. Other. Day.


Has anyone ever had a child that poops in every single diaper?  Seriously.  Anyone?  Well my sweet Kellan has been having issues in the “brown” department, the word is constipated.  Or stool softener.  And it has been painful for him, stinky for me (the superwoman-wiper), and all around unpleasant.  Noel and I knew what to do, so we set off and were on a mission.  First I went and bought some red Anjou pears, bananas and apples.  Then we bought “fiber gummies” which we call “fruit snacks”, and some infant suppositories.  Using all are methods, we had success last night.  Hallelujah!  I swear, you wouldn’t believe how happy everyone was when Daddy got the chance to clean a full poopy diaper.  Daddy included.

We are experts now.  So if anyone has a question on this topic, feel free to ask.  I’m pretty confident that we will have the answer for you.

Adios muchachas!

011 016 020 021


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