266  273  278Like you don’t already know ya’ll, but it’s Friday!  Yeehaw!  Noel comes home from Finley later this afternoon which I am so thankful for.  Kellan misses him so much.  I miss him.  Noah coo’s or giggles everytime I put Noel on speaker phone to talk to Kellan… they know who their Dada is.  I love.

This weekend will be quite eventful.  Tomorrow my sister’s family is coming into town and we will be celebrating my niece, Ali’s, third birthday on Sunday.  My hopes for the weekend involve: going to the park, feeding the ducks, walking along the loop trail to the ‘old barn’, eating some tasty food, walking to Pybus Market to people watch and check out the new digs, and last but not least photograph our last day.  When I say last day, I mean this will be the last time we will get to see Josh.  They will be moving down south in a few months, Josh earlier than that, and I will be heartbroken.  I can’t imagine not seeing them.  Not hearing Ali asking to hold Noah, or hearing Jackson ask “Why?”  I will miss laughing about Entiat, errr Annie-at… bwahahaha… I will miss my sister.  We are so close.  I can’t picture what it will be like to not see them.  I know we have this new thing called technology, but I like my face time with my family.  Thankfully I know my parents and two little “big” brothers will never move away, at least permanently, so Kellan can maintain his relationship with his Uncles, Nana and Grandpa.  He sure loves them.  Oh and how can we forget Kellan’s girlfriend, Miss Lauren.  (Lachlan’s girlfriend is Lauren, and Kellan gets all shy around her and smiles, and walks up to her and just says “hi yarrren”.  It might just be the cutest thing.


Plus on the agenda this weekend is making Noah some teething biscuits.  I found a recipe online which uses banana and some rice cereal, so I will be making those for lil boy.  He does not have any teeth yet (knock on wood), but he sure likes to put teething rings or practically anything in his mouth.  Silly boy.  Momma is workin on it for ya lil boy.

Have a beautiful Friday and fabulous weekend friends!



veggies the “babies”

So many things have been happening around our home and in our everyday life, it’s hard for me to keep up.  Literally.  I always have a bazillion projects that I want to start, the laundry room and dishwasher seem to be going constantly, and my lil boys keep me on my toes.  May ramble about to start…

Lets start off with a visit from my older brother Alex and his girlfriend Christine, shall we?  They had decided to visit our family during Wenatchee’s well known Apple Blossom Festival.  With their arrival on Friday May 3rd, the same night as the Classy Chassis parade (an infamous car parade), we thought why not attend?  So we did.  After eating some pizza, salad, and my homemade brownies we hit up the parade for two hours.  My entire in-laws were there as well, so it was a fun event.  Kellan is obsessed with sirens, fire trucks, the show “Fireman Sam”, and RED anything.  And you bet your pretty little butt there were fire trucks in the parade.  Noah was a trooper too.  After nursing him during the first fifteen minutes, he made it through the entire two hours without even a peep.  I swear, he is the calmest & happiest baby I have ever seen.  Kellan was this way too as a baby, but Noah more so.  He just seems to be content with this thing called life.

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Saturday was the grand ol’ parade.  My sister and her family made the drive over from Cheney and we all arrived to the parade fashionably late.  Plus, the spot we picked out was right by the food fair, coincidence(??), so we got to eat some gyro’s for lunch.  After the parade, we walked to the park, fed the ducks some bread, and just hung out.  We talked, laughed, the boys played badminton, ate some tasty food, and Lachlan showed off his new bike.  It is no huffy.  It is BA.

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Everyone went back to their homes Sunday/Monday, which gave me until the following Wednesday to recuperate.  No lie.  I get worn out quite easily when we are go go go during the weekend.


Kellan is becoming quite the talker.  He usually can string three or four words together, which is helpful because I talk all day to both boys, so having Kellan reply to me or show enthusiasm when talking makes me immensely happy.  He helped with planting the seeds this year for our garden and just about all our “rows” are sprouting.  Our beans and peas have taken off!  Noel had told Kellan when our garden first started sprouting, that the little green leaves are babies.  So he pets the leaves and calls our veggies the “babies”… this melts my heart.  He loves to go out in the backyard and run around, he loves doing all the outdoor chores with Daddy (running the lawn mower is his favorite), he can say “love you”, gives hugs, and completely dotes on his little brother.  He is becoming quite the helper.  Terrible two’s??  Haven’t really seen this yet, but I suppose we shall see…

Noah had his six month check up a week ago.  I can’t believe it!  Geez.  His weight was 15 pounds (16% percentile) and his length was 27 inches long (86% percentile).  Lil boy is also mobile.  Tear.  He pushes himself backwards, he can roll over tummy to back and back to tummy, and can somehow spin himself all the way around.  Talented little guy!  His hair seems to be everyones favorite thing.  Every time we venture out to town, someone always comments on his hair.  I do not put product in it, we just towel dry it and it poofs everywhere.  Gotta love it.  When I look at his hair, I just smile.  Noah is still exclusively breastfed; we gave him green peas once, but I enjoy nursing so much that I don’t want to introduce anything else quite yet.  He is a good sleeper, thank goodness.  He takes two or three naps during the day and goes down for bed around 7:45pm and wakes up 12 hours later.  Such an angel baby.  Both Kellan and Noah sleep this long; I feel very lucky and am quite proud of this fact.  Sleep training is super important, and am thankful I had the advice and tips from my Mom in ensuring my babies sleep through the night. Check.

That’s pretty much it for my May update.  Have a beautiful day friends!