266  273  278Like you don’t already know ya’ll, but it’s Friday!  Yeehaw!  Noel comes home from Finley later this afternoon which I am so thankful for.  Kellan misses him so much.  I miss him.  Noah coo’s or giggles everytime I put Noel on speaker phone to talk to Kellan… they know who their Dada is.  I love.

This weekend will be quite eventful.  Tomorrow my sister’s family is coming into town and we will be celebrating my niece, Ali’s, third birthday on Sunday.  My hopes for the weekend involve: going to the park, feeding the ducks, walking along the loop trail to the ‘old barn’, eating some tasty food, walking to Pybus Market to people watch and check out the new digs, and last but not least photograph our last day.  When I say last day, I mean this will be the last time we will get to see Josh.  They will be moving down south in a few months, Josh earlier than that, and I will be heartbroken.  I can’t imagine not seeing them.  Not hearing Ali asking to hold Noah, or hearing Jackson ask “Why?”  I will miss laughing about Entiat, errr Annie-at… bwahahaha… I will miss my sister.  We are so close.  I can’t picture what it will be like to not see them.  I know we have this new thing called technology, but I like my face time with my family.  Thankfully I know my parents and two little “big” brothers will never move away, at least permanently, so Kellan can maintain his relationship with his Uncles, Nana and Grandpa.  He sure loves them.  Oh and how can we forget Kellan’s girlfriend, Miss Lauren.  (Lachlan’s girlfriend is Lauren, and Kellan gets all shy around her and smiles, and walks up to her and just says “hi yarrren”.  It might just be the cutest thing.


Plus on the agenda this weekend is making Noah some teething biscuits.  I found a recipe online which uses banana and some rice cereal, so I will be making those for lil boy.  He does not have any teeth yet (knock on wood), but he sure likes to put teething rings or practically anything in his mouth.  Silly boy.  Momma is workin on it for ya lil boy.

Have a beautiful Friday and fabulous weekend friends!



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