Dynamic duo.

Being grateful for a thing in life is not something everyone does on a daily basis.  Or maybe everyone does this, but no one really talks about it in fear of feeling judged, looked at differently, or criticized for you thinking your life is “perfect”.  In no way is anyone’s life perfect, but being happy about the small things in your life is a natural and good feeling.  Enjoy that vibe my friends.  Smile at your babies.  Tickle their little armpits and belly so you can hear their excited laughter bellow out.  And please oh please take photographs so you can remember these moments in your life.  These special moments that tomorrow you might not remember exactly but your photographs will show you (and later your babies) all these good times you shared together.

My lil boys sure are a good reminder to have me stop and just relax a little.  Chill.  Take a step back and watch them bond.  See them rough-house with one another.  Even though Noah is 7 months old & Kellan is 2 years old, they already have a brotherly-connection.  I can see it.  I have been watching it form these last seven months.  It wasn’t easy at first, Kellan adjusting to someone new, but now he can’t seem to get enough of his little bro.  Two peas in a pod.  Dynamic duo.  I know in our future there will be countless “fights” over anything and everything.  But right now all they do is make each other giggle & smile, they got nothin’ but love for each other.  Loving it.

Photographs taken on Ali’s birthday bash, enjoy:

079 088 092 096 098 113 114 116 128 134 138 144 148 158


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