Sweet baby firsts.

Ah yes, Tuesday we meet again.  I am one exhausted lady.  From having an impromptu BBQ out at my sister’s father in law’s home over the weekend, to my friend Whitney’s baby shower for her new bundle of joy (little miss Jozi), to Father’s Day fishing, to Taco Night at my parents’ home, to pool party at my home… we did a lot this weekend.  Oh and did I mention we walked down to feed the ducks & geese too?  Well we did.  Can you understand my exhaustion now?  Forgot to add that my lil’ Noah is now sitting up by himself.  Yes.  He is growing up, thankfully I get to see all of these “firsts” in his life, as I did with Kellan.  But with each baby, they do things completely different.  Sitting up is no different.  If one of Noah’s butt cheeks lifts slightly, he knows to put more weight on the opposing tooshie to make sure he doesn’t fall over.  Now he has fallen over to the side & fallen backwards but when I sit him back up he gets all giddy again.  Like he’s thinking, “Okay, I got this Momma.”  Sweet baby firsts.  I can’t seem to get enough of my lil boys.  They & my dear hubby, I just love them so much all I wanna do is squeeze ‘em!  Our weekend will follow…

Photographs taken on June 15th:

064 069 074 076 083 098 102 103 116 123 143 148

{our garden this year… we are producing, harvesting & canning}

157 174

Photographs taken on June 16th:

183 189 195 201 202 206 208 213 217 222 230 234


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