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Dear Blog,

I am so sorry I have not been writing to you as often as usual.  It is summer after all, and that means busy-constantly-no spare time-harvesting-canning-eating yummy fruits… need I say more?  I did want to write though this morning, or should I say afternoon?  A lot to catch up on, stay with me…

Noah’s newest things:

–          First bottom tooth finally popped through.  I spied it a few weeks ago, and it popped through on Saturday, July 20th.  It is a sharp little bugger.  This is no bueno for me because I am still nursing, and his tooth appearing has made our “weaning journey” begin.  I still plan to nurse as long as possible, so I still plan to nurse in the morning and night time.  (Kellan was breastfed until he was about 10 months old, so this is what I aim to do for Noah as well.)

–          Scooting backwards has begun.  We try to work with him to crawl forwards, but I still believe he is a ways away from doing so.  And that is perfectly fine with me.  No rush.  I have enjoyed every milestone in Noah’s life, just as I did with Kellan.  It is a bitter sweet thing.

–          Eating: bananas, avocado’s, homemade teething biscuits, rice cereal, milk (1%), yogurt (any flavor, minus the fruit chunks), peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, gnawing on corn-on-cobs, plus he gets little treats from Kellan such as otter-pops, ice cream, chocolate syrup… oh lord.  It’s all good.  At least big brother is sharing.

–          We just started giving Noah water in a sippy cup.  I think we started this later with Kellan, and it was more challenging for him.  So I thought introducing it earlier would be a better solution for lil’ boy.

–          Nap training.  Oh my.  I was so used to cuddling with Noah while he was sleeping, that I completely forgot to nap train him until 3 weeks ago.  Bad idea.  I highly suggest you do this as early as possible.  But what we have got going on so far, is giving Noah a nap around 10am and 3pm.  He is in his crib for an hour and a half.  Bless him.  He is doing pretty well so far.

–          Still sleeps through the night.  Bed time is about 7:45pm every night, and he sleeps until 7:30-8am every morning.  The exact times can range, but for the most part, I can count on him in his room for about 12 hours.  Amen.  I need my sleep.

–          2 weeks ago we received Noah’s highchair which hooks onto our table (Kellan’s is huge & takes up a lot of space in our dining area), he eats breakfast, lunch & dinner in his new snazzy red seat and big brother loves it too!

–          Gave Noah his first big-boy haircut last night (Saturday, July 27th).




Kellan’s newest things:

–          Still running everywhere.  He has so much energy, thanks babe (this is a Daddy trait), sometimes I can’t keep up with him.  But like my Mom tells me, I gotta pull up my big girl panties and just keep on a’going!  This can be challenging, but I have changed my mind and body into dealing with it better.  Eating smart, changing my shoes every day (my feet ache from constantly being on them), and being active with Kellan has led me to have an increase in energy.   I do require a lot of sleep though, but I believe I am doing worlds better than I did last summer.

–          Can distinctively tell the words MOM and DAD apart.

–          Talking, talking & talking.  He repeats everything we say.  Linking 6 words together or more.

–          My favorite words he says currently:  cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry (can you tell we eat a lot of fruit??)

–          I give him 2 choices of clothes each day, and he picks out his own outfit.  Sometimes they don’t go, but he still looks like an angel.

–          Gave him his third big-boy haircut last night (Saturday, July 27th).  I hate to cut off his blonde locks, but it’s just hair, it will grow back.

–          Eats pretty much anything.  Tries everything we give him, but does not like avocado.  This is a huge bummer for me because I love avocados.  He has been into fruits this summer.  Naturally, I love fruit, and have passed this onto Kellan & Noah as well.  Healthy, in season, and a natural way to ensure they both are getting their fiber.

–          Drinks his lemonade crystal light every day, all day.  I make smoothies in the morning, and he has been drinking that as well.

–          Still takes his naps every day from about 12:30pmà 3pm.  Kellan still sleeps through the night, same schedule as Noah.  (7:45pmà 8am, although he usually hums or talks in his crib for maybe thirty minutes before going to bed, and in the morning before I go in and get him up.  He is just the sweetest.)

060 150 155 174 175 180

That’s pretty much a wrap on my end.  No real updates with myself, just keeping busy maintaining our beautiful home, our thriving garden, raising our lil’ boys, teaching, guiding, playing “doctor”, coaching, listening, showing, understanding… & the biggie: patience.  Trying out a new thing with the boys, they need to understand the concept of being patient (I know they are only a toddler & baby), but by instilling in them this now, while they are young, I am hoping that as they get older their patience level will grow as well.

So blog, do you forgive me?  I know you do.  So understanding… Adios muchacho’s!


Katie June

P.S. My sister and her family have moved far away from us… these photograph’s were taken on July 4th, 2013:

061 044 025 030 038 090 071 087 096 114 126


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