That just happened.

Cherry harvest.  This major summer event is about to come to a close.  I will have my husband back home again, he won’t have to wake up at 3:30am, our little boys will get to spend more time with him, hopefully Noah will start crawling soon to show Daddy what he can do, Kellan’s rough-housing partner will be back, and I will get to slow down a bit.  Keeping our home ‘up and running’ takes a lot of effort.  And let me tell you I am wiped out.  This occurs every summer, because yes, we have cherry harvest every single summer.  I know what to expect, but it doesn’t get any easier.  However, seeing how hard my husband works makes me a proud wife.  I hope our boys have this work ethic; I admire it so.


Today marks Noah’s birth from 9 months ago.  Oh my.  While enjoying every single milestone in his life, I still can’t believe some times that I have two children.  Kids.  2 sons… I remember his birth day so vividly.  And ahh yes, it seems like only yesterday when I was one of five children, being brought up by my parents and thinking about my own family (while playing with Barbie’s), that what I had wished for my entire life came true.  Lucky.  Blessed.  Call it what you will, coincidence?  Feeling very fortunate that both of my boys are healthy & happy every day makes me feel good inside.

015 020

My sweet Noah’s second tooth popped through about six days ago.  He is the happiest baby I have ever seen, and this darn tooth made him a bit cranky or whiny for a few days, but now he is back to his old self.  He is not meaning to bite me when he nurses, I think he just gets so excited, but we are still on our weaning journey.  Nursing in the morning and at night (my favorite), making sure he is fulfilled throughout the day with a bottle, pureed foods, water and his teething biscuits.  Definitely a good eater, like his big brother.

No crawling yet.  Although this morning he did a butt scoot.  His feet were in front of him (how he sits in his Bumbo chair), and he sort of scooted using his butt.  Hard to explain what this looks like but let me assure you it was cute none the less.  I would say any day now he will be a crawler.

He makes this cute smacking noise with his lips.  Pretty much melts my heart.  When he gets excited about something or feeling proud, he does this.  He has found his voice as well.  Making consonant sounds such as ‘ga ga ga’ or ‘ba ba ba’



Big brother Kellan has become quite the helper.  From putting away the dishes, to helping push the laundry through (from the washer to the dryer), to getting little brother a toy, he is such a good boy.  Something I have thought about doing for a while now has started as well.  Kellan is 28 months old, not quite 2 ½ but I wanted to give him the best jump start to school as possible.  I had fond memories of doing these things with my Mom (learning activities and crafts), so I wanted to do them with Kellan.  I went out and bought a Pre-K activity workbook.  He loves it!  I don’t think he understands the meaning behind it, or why he does this every day with Mommy, but I make it a big deal.  Like it’s a reward, something happy, something exciting.  I ask him “Do you want to get your workbook?”, he replies, “WORKBOOK!!”, yes just like that.  All happy and eager to learn.  Noel and I want him to be part of the Wee Wild Cats Pre-School in the fall of 2014, so this is a good way for me to teach him a little bit of what he will be learning every day at Pre-School.  One of the requirements for Wee Wild Cats is to be fully and completely potty trained.  Hahaha.  I just have to laugh.  We will get to it.  By September of 2014, he will be almost 3 ½ years old.  I just have to say to myself, I can do this.  We were doing really well, it seemed like potty training was headed in the right direction.  Then for some reason he reverted back, which is fine, we are not in a rush.  Patience is key when potty training.  Luckily I have a lot of it, and do not want to push him into doing something he is not ready to do quite yet.  All in good time.

004 014

Looking forward to fall already.  I am not a summer gal.  The heat is not okay.  Only thing is, is that when we are on vacation I love the sun.  Probably because I can enjoy the rays from inside a pool ordering a virgin Miami vice.  But this year we planted pumpkins in our garden (small pumpkins for fall decorations & large carving pumpkins for Halloween), so this makes me extra eager for fall.  It looks as though we will have quite the bounty, we shall see though.  You never know what could happen to my garden in the next few months.  With the weather we have been having lately (hail, rain, heat, wind, thunder/lightening storms) who can really say as to what our fall season will be like this year.  But, looky here: pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin everything folks.  Oh, did I mention that hockey starts again in the fall.  Yeah, that’s right.  One more reason to be excited for those red-orange-yellow leaves dancing in the air, falling to the ground, getting ready for us to jump head first into huge leaf piles… wow.  That just happened.

Have a beautiful Wednesday friends.



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