…business accomplishments…


China you will get to meet my husband in 15 days.  That’s right.  Noel is flying to China with his brother, Curt, to check out their cherries being shipped over from our very own Wenatchee.  This is quite the trek.  I am super proud of him, and the business accomplishments they have made as a family.  I will miss him dearly for the time he is gone, but business is business.  Not to mention the excitement of it all.  Strictly business folks.  Curt & Noel.  Of course I want Noel to take a billion pictures of everything, but understand he will be meeting with important people and many events & meetings will be taking place.  I know they will do an excellent job over there.

Just wanted to share this major event in our lives with the world.


Family is so important.  Being a spouse and supporting your man is important.  Go kick some Mathison butt over there boys.  We are all rooting for you back home!


Have a beautiful Monday friends.  Go get a box & enjoy.



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