…dedication, time & patience.


Noel is back from China. Hallelujah.  Geez, we all missed that man.  My husband & my lil’ boys’ Daddy.  United at last.  I have been enjoying every moment of his return, and I am thinking that the time difference (13 hours) is finally settling back to normal for him.  Noah debuted his crawling a few hours before Noel had to depart to Seattle for his take-off, which was extremely special.  I was thrilled beyond belief that Noel & myself were both home, both watching Noah, and he just started moving those tiny little legs and muscular arms to reach a small yellow school bus.  Taking pictures and video recording were there too, of course.  (Who are we kidding?  I almost always have one or the other in my hand to capture these special moments.)  So for the moment, my pictures look like this:


and this:


and then lastly this:


I know, cute butt right?  But he is getting fast (mostly to keep up with big brother), and he is already trying this knee scoot on his left leg, with his right leg straight, like he is trying to walk already?  Huh?  I need to first get accustomed to two boys being mobile, then you can start walking lil boy.  Noah also is a pro at keeping balanced on his knees and will either bounce, or use anything he can to lift himself up higher & higher.  I usually just watch and see what he will do next, (no helicopter parenting around this joint), and when he falls or stumbles and he makes his gerbil squeaks I just look at him and say “It’s okay baby, no blood, you’re okay”, enough reassurance for him.  Such a good boy.  Noah is also officially weaned from Mommy.  My goal was to nurse him as long as I did with Kellan and I made it.  Mission accomplished.  10 months baby, yeah!  Although it was sad to end our nursing journey together, I am proud to say I gave each of my boys equal treatment.

Kellan is a jibber-jabber-say-anything-speaks-in-his-own-language-when-he-gets-excited kinda guy.  Right now he mostly is keeping his special cars and toys up & away from little brother.  But he does share his food, oddly.  He is going to learn this sharing concept early, and Noah will be learning it too.  Plus & Plus!  We are teaching K-man his colors, shapes, as well as being potty-enforcers.  Super-Potty Hero.  (It’s a book, okay?)  Slowly he will get it.  I must have four books on the subject, a fun sticker book, a chart, potty treats, two toilet seats (that insert on top of the “big-boy toilet”) and a few days ago I had bought a frog toilet that he can sit down on and use wherever & whenever.  My goal is to have Noah weaned from his bottles, then start in on the serious potty-training.  Because I probably change 20 diapers each and every day, I am excited about this, but know it will take dedication, time & patience.  We will get to it.  We will get there.  All in due time.


Our garden is producing our late harvest of eggplants, cantaloupe, honey dew, butternut squash, bell peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, beets and tomatoes.  I will be sharing our vegetables with my family and look forward to reading new recipes to try out.  I made some oven-fried chicken last night with slices of beets mixed in and they were delicious.  Next year I hope to have a better amount so I can make some yummy borscht.  Personally, I love the taste and color of beets.  Luckily, my husband and lil’ boys are willing to try anything I cook for them.  Yay!  Any recipe I think we will like, we usually do.

Enjoy your Thursday my friends.  Cheers!



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