Camp David.

Last week Noel was busy with work out at one of the family orchards, Camp David, and had been working with the big yellow “workin’ man machines”… you know what I’m talking about, right?  Look at the picture below, then you will:

051 053 055 058 061

…anyway, I had promised Kellan that we would go out during the weekend and he would get to ride & help Daddy drive it.  So, as a promise keeper does, that is exactly what we did.  A family outing to Camp David.  Little did I know I would get a tutorial from Noel about how to set gopher traps.  Oh yeah, Kellan listened intently as Daddy told him what they were doing & why they were setting the traps.  Kellan thoroughly enjoyed himself.

062 067 073 074 078 080 082 083

I enjoy being in the orchard.  It is quiet.  It is peaceful.  You notice more things.  Like the color of the leaves, the way all the rows line up perfectly straight, how tall and elegant they are.  Those types of things.  I am thinking that being in the orchard is one of my ‘zen’ places.  Calm.  Love it.

084 086

Then, Noel asked if I wanted to drive the 4-wheelers up this bushy path.  I said yes, and knew where he was going to take me.  To the spot where he proposed to me.  Getting all teary-eyed I followed him, then watched him drive up with Kellan.  Here we are, four years after he had proposed, with our two little boys, happy about that 27th day of April, 2009 and everything we have built together.  All the memories we have made and continue to make every single day.  We have a family.  Those three are my life.  They are my everything.  Count your blessings.  I know just how lucky I am.

087 090 092 093 103

Enjoy every moment with your family ya’ll!  Have a fabulous weekend!!


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