…we are going to buzz it.

After watching Noah’s hair grow over the past almost 11 months, I decided it was time.  Time to cut his hair.  Of course I had given him snips here and there, but not like this.  I asked Noel to bring me down the electronic razor and he sort of gave me a sound like “aauuuuuuhhh?”  Yes, please bring it down, thanks hun.  I declared, we are going to buzz it.  No objections were made, so we set the razor to number 7, whatever that means, and I started buzzing Noah’s soft, feathery, wispy locks right off.  He looks like a clean-cut little boy.  Almost like a big boy.  But let’s not say that.  He will always be my baby.  I am amazed at how good it looks.  Noah’s head looked awfully large with all his hair, and now it doesn’t.  It will grow back a little bit before our blizzard-white-out-winter.  But I must say, I did a fine job.  I also managed to cut Kellan’s hair as well.  Noel wanted me to cut his too… should I be charging?  Nah, why not add one more title to my list of Mommy “can-do’s”: hairdresser.




Have a fabulous Wednesday!


1 thought on “…we are going to buzz it.

  1. Awww. He is so handsome. Your boys are all good looking. I always love my sons sweet little curls and then it gets a little too long. And I cut it. And then I remember how adorable he looks with a buzz cut!

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