…beautiful birthday celebration.

This last Sunday, my family celebrated my wonderful husband’s birthday at their home.  It was fabulous.  All our family attended.  After weeks of prepping for the big day, Lauren (Lachlan’s girlfriend), my Mother and I had everything ready.  Decorating was key due to the fact that this was not just a regular birthday party, it was a Harvest themed event.  I must say it felt like the event of the year.  Without the help of my Mom and Lauren, I do not know what I would have done.  Thank you ladies, I love you both!  & to the man of my dreams: I love YOU!  Truly hope that you had the best time at your beautiful birthday celebration.

A photo explosion is about to unravel, enjoy my friends:

001 002 004 005 007 009 010 011 013 014 019 023 024 025 028 031  035

The last photograph is of Pam (Noel’s Mom) and my Mother, who each made a blueberry cheesecake for the guest of honor.  I love this photograph.  It embodies love, grace and gratitude.

Have a beautiful Wednesday friends, cheers!



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