Rink Rat.

One word: Hockey.  This sport has been in my life ever since I could talk.  My husband’s as well.  Lucky for us we both love hockey.  Two words: Rink Rat.  Ever heard that before?  If you grew up with a love for hockey then I’m sure you have.  Let me give you a quick definition; a rink rat is a small child (boy or girl) who is at the rink so much they know the in’s and out’s of it.  Where they can go.  Where they can’t go.  Which stairs to go up or come down.  Which doors to open.  Locker rooms anyone?  Where the concession stand is.  Get me?  Well my little Kellan boy has become a rink rat.  Momma likey.


In just three short days, Noah will be one year old.  I can’t hardly believe it.  But in other ways, I totally can.  The first year of life is the most challenging but yet rewarding year (I believe), and it has been nothing short of it.  He is crawling everywhere, climbing stairs, standing up on everything, cruising on furniture, eating with his pinchers, has 7 teeth, standing like a big boy for about 12 seconds, wearing size 4 diapers, can say “mamama” and “dadada”, shakes his head “no” and thinks this is just hilarious, and wears size 18 month clothing.  Not to mention we already gave him his first hair cut (a buzz) and he is already due for another trim.  Such a healthy little guy.  & the happiest baby I have ever seen.  He will always be my little boy, my sweet little baby, and what Kellan affectionately call hims, our Nona.  Love love.


Kellan is 2 years and 7 months old now.  A toddler.  My boy, through and through.  Loves his trucks, cars, helping Daddy work, wears size 4T-5T clothes, riding in Daddy’s truck, eating ice cream wheels, going to the rink, running any chance he gets, painting or coloring on his art easel (with little brother), and the best big brother in the world.  Currently we call him our little parrot.  The reason why is because he repeats everything we say.  It really is the sweetest thing.  Plus he will randomly throw in a high pitch “Sure” or “Yes” if you ask him a question, and this makes me smile, literally from ear to ear.  His voice is something I just can’t hear enough of.  Kellan is just the sweetest little boy.  & he makes me proud every day!  My lil’ angel.


Hockey, art easel fun, Halloween & more hockey will follow.  Your welcome.

[October 27, 2013]





[October 29, 2013]

120 121 127 128 133

[October 31, 2013]

136 138 141 143 147 151 163 167 178 182 185 190 191

[November 3, 2013]












Notice anything odd in the above photograph?  Made me laugh, had to share.

Happy Monday!


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