honorary Red Wing

We had quite the outing yesterday.  For a few weeks now Noel and I have been talking about getting Kellan a pair of his very own hockey skates.  So we decided yesterday was the day we were gunna get our lil boy some blades.  He tried on two pairs and we settled on some beginner skates.  We also bought some black blade guards so he could wear them in the house and get used to the feel of them.  After putting them on (at home) we let go of his hands and he started gliding by himself on the carpet.  Then Kellan promptly asked us for his hockey stick.  Okay lil dude.  I was impressed.  Noel looked at me and said proudly “he was born for it”… I couldn’t help but beam and smile.  Kellan might sign with Detroit, who knows, but for now he is an honorary Red Wing in our home.

IMG_8484 IMG_8485 IMG_8488

[don’t mind Noah’s teal bits on his face… we have a crayon eater upon usIMG_8490 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8496 IMG_8497


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