2 years and 364 days old

I couldn’t sleep this morning and only mommy’s know why. Tomorrow is the birth day of my first born, Kman. Geez. Three whole years have past. They have gone by quickly at times and s-l-o-w during the harder terrible two’s phase that every child must go through (for some reason). I have grown as a parent, as a mommy, as a genuine person. Having children changes you. It changes everything about you. The perspective you have on life is now altered. Any love you have is expelled onto this little bundle of joy and you want to kiss them a billion times a day (which I still do), and you pray and hope that you are doing the best job. I can say now, that after raising my little baby boy these past three years I feel confident as a mommy and know that everything I have instilled in him, taught him, love on him, hug him, and guide him is showing with loud colors of blue and green. Being a stay at home Mom is no piece of cake, but with age my patience has grown and things are slowly getting easier. Juggling Noah, a 16 ½ month old babe, and Kellan a 2 years and 364 days old little dude is challenging. But like every challenge that I attack, I meet it head on and with my determination- I get the job done. My Mom tells me, “ya gotta pull up your big girl panties” and when I am having a hard day or think no other mom has done this before, how do I possibly do this, how can I go on (being all dramatic), I think of my Mom. I think of my sister. What would they do? Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, take a breath, and get movin’. These two women have shown me what it takes to be a mom. A good Mom. My Mom has raised five children and we are all loving, gentle-natured & intelligent people of society. All you can do as a mom is truly believe that you are doing the best. I believe that.

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I love you my sweet Kellan Atwood, you were our surprise gender baby and I couldn’t have been more excited than when your Daddy looked at me and said, ‘We have a Kellan.’ You are my angel. You are my everything. Tomorrow is your birth day and it was one of the best days of my life.

Love you always & forever, Mommy xxoo

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tight-knit group

My beautiful niece Ali and handsome nephew Jackson came to town for a visit.  I have been a busy little lady these past two days, always on the go, multiple stops to Fred Meyers for impromptu BBQ’s, getting to rest my feet (any second I could get), but the memories, oh the sweet memories that were made were priceless.  My family means the world to me, any free time we have we are always together.  Lachlan and Conlan are the best Uncles and give their nephews and niece so much love, all I do is smile.  At the end of the night my cheeks hurt from my perma-grin.  We always end our visits with “I love you’s” and hugs and that to me, makes my heart flutter.  The love we all have for one another is truly the most special feeling.  I hope you all know what I’m talking about.  My brother in law Josh, Jackson & Ali, my parents, my brothers, friends of my brothers, and my clan all were a tight-knit group for the past 48 hours… see for yourself…

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Having all four cousins together was a perfect time for a photo-op, however being as busy as they are, the only photograph I captured of them all together was during bath time (the only time where they were sort of still).  Love the cousin time.  We hope that some day we all can live in the same town, or at least the same state… yeah that would be really somethin!


why the wait?

We reunited with our family yesterday afternoon.  I was so excited to see Jackson and Ali, and couldn’t help but be overjoyed with the opportunity to drive to Quincy to see those sweet babes.  Lachlan came with me and my boys and we had a good ol’ time.  We hadn’t seen them since July of last year, and I was nervous.  I thought they would not remember us.  But they did.  With a smiley grin, Ali came over and gave me a big hug and I ran right up to Jackson and gave him a kiss and swooped him up.  Fun was had by all.  Even Amber (cousins from a different family) now calls me “Auntie Katie”… love love.  So, I asked myself why the wait?  Why did I wait so long to blog?  Why did I wait so long to share my latest adventures with you all?  I have no idea.  But let me tell you something, I-Am-Back.  Back with a vengance.  I plan on blogging regularly again, so you have something to look forward to.  For now, here are some photographs from our little mini-reunion…

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