back to school!

School.  Some people love it, some despise it.  I am one of those people who enjoy and embrace school.  Well heck man, I am going back to school!  This was not an easy decision for my family, but we are a family unit, and we wanted the four of us to be comfortable with this exciting new adventure.

As much as I love my blog and sharing my life with you, I will be taking a break from blogging.  My return will be next year sometime, and until then I say cheers… have a beautiful spring, summer, fall & winter…


Katie… is… out…


2 years and 364 days old

I couldn’t sleep this morning and only mommy’s know why. Tomorrow is the birth day of my first born, Kman. Geez. Three whole years have past. They have gone by quickly at times and s-l-o-w during the harder terrible two’s phase that every child must go through (for some reason). I have grown as a parent, as a mommy, as a genuine person. Having children changes you. It changes everything about you. The perspective you have on life is now altered. Any love you have is expelled onto this little bundle of joy and you want to kiss them a billion times a day (which I still do), and you pray and hope that you are doing the best job. I can say now, that after raising my little baby boy these past three years I feel confident as a mommy and know that everything I have instilled in him, taught him, love on him, hug him, and guide him is showing with loud colors of blue and green. Being a stay at home Mom is no piece of cake, but with age my patience has grown and things are slowly getting easier. Juggling Noah, a 16 ½ month old babe, and Kellan a 2 years and 364 days old little dude is challenging. But like every challenge that I attack, I meet it head on and with my determination- I get the job done. My Mom tells me, “ya gotta pull up your big girl panties” and when I am having a hard day or think no other mom has done this before, how do I possibly do this, how can I go on (being all dramatic), I think of my Mom. I think of my sister. What would they do? Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, take a breath, and get movin’. These two women have shown me what it takes to be a mom. A good Mom. My Mom has raised five children and we are all loving, gentle-natured & intelligent people of society. All you can do as a mom is truly believe that you are doing the best. I believe that.

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I love you my sweet Kellan Atwood, you were our surprise gender baby and I couldn’t have been more excited than when your Daddy looked at me and said, ‘We have a Kellan.’ You are my angel. You are my everything. Tomorrow is your birth day and it was one of the best days of my life.

Love you always & forever, Mommy xxoo

045 048

“We will we will potty time yeah, potty time yeah!”

What’s been new in my life?  A lot.  Tuesday = 10 things, so let me get down to it.

  1.  Noah is officially a walker.  I would say he walks about 80% of the time, and crawls 20% of the time.  Since he only weighs 24 pounds, he looks tiny walking around like a big boy.  It is adorable though.  Truly adorable.
  2. Since we are on the topic of weight, K-man is up to 38 pounds.  I had been rattling off to people he weighed 50 pounds, I was clearly way off.  But try lifting him up and down, multiple times a day & your arms will feel like they are gunna fall off too.  I do not need to tone my arms up any, I am happy about this.
  3. A personal goal set for myself was made a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have been working out five times a week (elliptical, yoga or weight training), and I feel more energized now than I have in a while.  Obviously this will continue.  Love those feel-good hormones a’flowin.
  4. Can not wait for the time when we will be baby gate free.  In a few months I am hoping…
  5. Need to get my car washed.
  6. Noel is back doing his Finley trips every week.  Mommy no likey.  But, it is a must for his orchards to stay in tip-top shape, so pruning it is.  I will be grateful when this work is done for a while.
  7. Debating on bunk beds or just a “big boy” bed for Kellan… what’s your choice on this?  Why?
  8. Got both boys their passports, so we will be planning a family vacation this year sometime, yay!!
  9. Animal Hoarders… seriously… so sad and wrong.  Do not watch it if you are eating food.
  10. We are in potty-training mode.  Our song?  “We will we will potty time yeah, potty time yeah!”  (Sing that to the tune of “We will we will rock you!”, it’s a hockey song peeps… that’s right.)



Have a beautiful Tuesday friends!

[below are photographs of an afternoon of easel painting. taken on January 2, 2014.]








One day at a time.

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Every Wednesday from about 9:45am till around 3pm my Mom graciously watches Kellan.  He gets excited knowing he will see his Nana, Grandpa & Uncles.  They shower him with so much love and his one-on-one time alone with them makes me smile.  It puts my heart at ease for those hours.  I know he is well cared for, his diaper will get changed, his tummy will get plenty of snacks & lunch, and his eyes will see how much his family loves him.  Because Kellan was an only child for 19 months of his life, I miss giving him that time.  Luckily, my family lives in the same town as we do and he does get spoiled.  Spoiled with love.  That is how I was raised.  It wasn’t about presents, it wasn’t about money, it wasn’t about getting a new toy every time we went to the store or even letting us kids run wild… we were kissed daily, told “I love you” constantly, and my parents helped guide and taught me lessons that I now teach my son.  I feel like a wise parent.  A Mom who knows what is best for my children, even if they don’t know it.  A Mom who kisses my little boys from the moment they wake up in the morning until the last “I love you, have sweet dreams, we love you…” as we walk out the door when putting them down for the night.  We have structure at our home.  There are many rules.  And yes, we have given spankings.  (I am not afraid to say this.  Every parent deals with discipline differently.  Spankings work in this house.  Time outs might work for other families.)  I try to not “shelter” them in any way.  I want them to learn, make mistakes, grow and understand things and obstacles just like I did growing up.  But I want them to know that I will love them unconditionally.  No matter what.  They are my life.  I give every ounce of my being to them during the day.  I am a present parent.  Yes I am a stay-at-home Mom, so I do “run the ship” at our home.  Even Noel says, “Momma’s the boss.”  Thank you hunny.  Even though I might be Boss Lady, I try to weigh it out evenly with my love for all three of my boys.

Being a good parent, a good Mom is something that I wanted my entire life.  I saw how my own Mother was with us, raising five children.  Carly, Alex, and I all have college degrees.  Lachlan is going to college, and my youngest brother Conlan will be a Junior at Wenatchee High this fall.  We were taught that education is important.  We were taught how to be a reliable employee.  We were taught right from wrong.  Although not always abiding by my parent’s rules, hey, we were all teenagers once.  We learned from it.  I feel like the 27 years I have been alive, I have done quite a lot.  I am a recovering alcoholic, I am a wife, I am a Mother to two sweet boys, and I have enough strength in me to keep on going day after day.  Some days feel like they last forever.  Some days they don’t.  My weeks usually even out.  I might have a real struggle day, meaning patience-wise, and the next two weeks go pretty darn smooth.  I know my limits, I know what my boys need 24/7, I know what their cries or whines mean, and I know what to give them at a moment’s notice.  I feel a true connection to them.  Every Mom might not have this with their children, but thankfully my bond with my boys just keeps on a’growin.  Happiness.

Kellan Atwood is my first born.  He will always be.  I can’t even count how many kisses I give him every day.  How many “I love you” ‘s I say throughout each day.  But I can remember looking into his eyes the moment our eyes first met and realizing that yes, this is what I am.  I am a Mother.  I am your Mother.  I will do anything and everything for you always.  Noah Munro came 19 short months later.  It has been extremely challenging, balancing the two of them, spreading my love to each.  However now that we have hit our groove, I can say with ease this is right where I am supposed to be.  Every day, at home, guiding my two little men to be the best they can possibly be.  Being proud, as a parent, is the most rewarding gift I have ever received.  So, I thank you Mom & Dad for teaching me everything I needed to know.  As many tears, as many “we need to have a talk” conversations which usually ended up in me being grounded, as many times I had disappointed them, had them sleep with one eye open, struggled with guiding me down the right path, you both have done your job.  & you have done it well.  I am proud to have become a wife to an amazing man and a Mommy to my sweet angels.  Parents help mold you into the person you become.  My parents made me the best Katie I could ever be.  Noel saved me.  & my two lil’ boys keep me grounded.  People ask me often, “How do you do it?  What is your higher power?” …I will tell you that when I first entered treatment, I didn’t have a whole lot of faith left in me, my higher power was Noel.  And still is.  Only now I have two more names to add, Kellan & Noah.  Every day is different, but my foundation is the same.  One day at a time.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. –Serenity Prayer from Alcoholics Anonymous

007 009 010 024 029 161 166 167 171

Sweet baby firsts.

Ah yes, Tuesday we meet again.  I am one exhausted lady.  From having an impromptu BBQ out at my sister’s father in law’s home over the weekend, to my friend Whitney’s baby shower for her new bundle of joy (little miss Jozi), to Father’s Day fishing, to Taco Night at my parents’ home, to pool party at my home… we did a lot this weekend.  Oh and did I mention we walked down to feed the ducks & geese too?  Well we did.  Can you understand my exhaustion now?  Forgot to add that my lil’ Noah is now sitting up by himself.  Yes.  He is growing up, thankfully I get to see all of these “firsts” in his life, as I did with Kellan.  But with each baby, they do things completely different.  Sitting up is no different.  If one of Noah’s butt cheeks lifts slightly, he knows to put more weight on the opposing tooshie to make sure he doesn’t fall over.  Now he has fallen over to the side & fallen backwards but when I sit him back up he gets all giddy again.  Like he’s thinking, “Okay, I got this Momma.”  Sweet baby firsts.  I can’t seem to get enough of my lil boys.  They & my dear hubby, I just love them so much all I wanna do is squeeze ‘em!  Our weekend will follow…

Photographs taken on June 15th:

064 069 074 076 083 098 102 103 116 123 143 148

{our garden this year… we are producing, harvesting & canning}

157 174

Photographs taken on June 16th:

183 189 195 201 202 206 208 213 217 222 230 234


266  273  278Like you don’t already know ya’ll, but it’s Friday!  Yeehaw!  Noel comes home from Finley later this afternoon which I am so thankful for.  Kellan misses him so much.  I miss him.  Noah coo’s or giggles everytime I put Noel on speaker phone to talk to Kellan… they know who their Dada is.  I love.

This weekend will be quite eventful.  Tomorrow my sister’s family is coming into town and we will be celebrating my niece, Ali’s, third birthday on Sunday.  My hopes for the weekend involve: going to the park, feeding the ducks, walking along the loop trail to the ‘old barn’, eating some tasty food, walking to Pybus Market to people watch and check out the new digs, and last but not least photograph our last day.  When I say last day, I mean this will be the last time we will get to see Josh.  They will be moving down south in a few months, Josh earlier than that, and I will be heartbroken.  I can’t imagine not seeing them.  Not hearing Ali asking to hold Noah, or hearing Jackson ask “Why?”  I will miss laughing about Entiat, errr Annie-at… bwahahaha… I will miss my sister.  We are so close.  I can’t picture what it will be like to not see them.  I know we have this new thing called technology, but I like my face time with my family.  Thankfully I know my parents and two little “big” brothers will never move away, at least permanently, so Kellan can maintain his relationship with his Uncles, Nana and Grandpa.  He sure loves them.  Oh and how can we forget Kellan’s girlfriend, Miss Lauren.  (Lachlan’s girlfriend is Lauren, and Kellan gets all shy around her and smiles, and walks up to her and just says “hi yarrren”.  It might just be the cutest thing.


Plus on the agenda this weekend is making Noah some teething biscuits.  I found a recipe online which uses banana and some rice cereal, so I will be making those for lil boy.  He does not have any teeth yet (knock on wood), but he sure likes to put teething rings or practically anything in his mouth.  Silly boy.  Momma is workin on it for ya lil boy.

Have a beautiful Friday and fabulous weekend friends!