“We will we will potty time yeah, potty time yeah!”

What’s been new in my life?  A lot.  Tuesday = 10 things, so let me get down to it.

  1.  Noah is officially a walker.  I would say he walks about 80% of the time, and crawls 20% of the time.  Since he only weighs 24 pounds, he looks tiny walking around like a big boy.  It is adorable though.  Truly adorable.
  2. Since we are on the topic of weight, K-man is up to 38 pounds.  I had been rattling off to people he weighed 50 pounds, I was clearly way off.  But try lifting him up and down, multiple times a day & your arms will feel like they are gunna fall off too.  I do not need to tone my arms up any, I am happy about this.
  3. A personal goal set for myself was made a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have been working out five times a week (elliptical, yoga or weight training), and I feel more energized now than I have in a while.  Obviously this will continue.  Love those feel-good hormones a’flowin.
  4. Can not wait for the time when we will be baby gate free.  In a few months I am hoping…
  5. Need to get my car washed.
  6. Noel is back doing his Finley trips every week.  Mommy no likey.  But, it is a must for his orchards to stay in tip-top shape, so pruning it is.  I will be grateful when this work is done for a while.
  7. Debating on bunk beds or just a “big boy” bed for Kellan… what’s your choice on this?  Why?
  8. Got both boys their passports, so we will be planning a family vacation this year sometime, yay!!
  9. Animal Hoarders… seriously… so sad and wrong.  Do not watch it if you are eating food.
  10. We are in potty-training mode.  Our song?  “We will we will potty time yeah, potty time yeah!”  (Sing that to the tune of “We will we will rock you!”, it’s a hockey song peeps… that’s right.)



Have a beautiful Tuesday friends!

[below are photographs of an afternoon of easel painting. taken on January 2, 2014.]










  1. We had a windstorm slash rainstorm last night.  I woke up multiple times during the night due to the howling and whirring I heard outside my window.  Then this morning as I gazed out my front window there were garbage cans in the middle of the street, on the sidewalks, I saw BBQ’s knocked over, it must have looked like the The Wizard of Oz storm- but Wenatchee style.
  2. I have to confess that I have been reading a memoir since July.  It has taken me this long because of multiple interruptions, then I lost track of where I actually was, then other things just took over, i.e. baby mode… I must say though, that I have about 50 pages or so to finish it.  It is a good book, it is about a recovering addict, so of course I relate to some of her stories, but none the less, it will be returned to our local library later this week for someone else to enjoy it.  I just love the library.  Save a little, spend a little.
  3. Is anyone else watching the New York housewives reunion?  Ramona’s dress is just horrendous.  It was probably $1,000 and it looks as fake as her necklace.  I wonder who her stylist is, or if she has one.  If not, then she desperately needs one.  Oh darling.
  4. Four weeks to go.  Of course I am referring to my pregnancy.  Next week I will be 37 weeks, technically “full-term” and let me just say, lil boy can make is appearance at any time.
  5. I.  Am.  Uncomfortable.  (Due to being in the last month of my pregnancy, this is by far the toughest month to go through.  Every move I make aches.)
  6. Noel and I had a movie date night last Saturday.  I treated, because of course his birthday was yesterday, the movie was his choice, “Taken 2”, and it was darn good.  Liam Neeson is one of Noel’s favorite actors, mine as well, and we both enjoyed “Taken”, so of course we figured that the sequel would be just as good.  It didn’t disappoint.
  7. Trying to complete the last of my “nesting” projects I have here at my home.  Slowly putting the garden to bed for the winter (we still have some tomatoes that are green, bell peppers that need some more harvest time, and multiple butternut squash that is not quite ready to be eaten yet), clearing out the dead/dried up flowers outside, updating my garden seeds to order for next year, putting a stack of recipes onto recipe cards, making a 3-ring binder with tabs for my recipes (I have a recipe box full of recipes, but want to make an additional 3-ring binder of recipes that are our favorites, because I think this will be an easier way for me to keep up-to-date on this project of mine), & let’s see, I think that about sums up my projects.  I have a lot to do in the next four weeks.
  8. Sabrina, the “star” on the television show Dancing With the Stars is amazing!  I could watch her dance a million times; she just embodies a perfect dancer.  Sabrina actually looks like the “pro”.
  9. Noel is in Finley with his brother Curt for a few days finishing up orchard to-do’s before the snow starts falling.  This is the last time they will be down there for the year (hopefully), and I am excited about that.  It is hard to give Kellan a bath, lifting him up & down a trillion times every day, into his high chair & out of his high chair, onto the couch, into the car & out of the car; without Noel helping me, I get exhausted even quicker.  Oh boy, am I complaining?  Whining?  Sorry.
  10. Tonight I get to watch Katy Perry’s movie!  Because Noel is out of town, I get to watch my girly movies and I have been secretly dying to watch this.  Plus I think I will make myself a batch of homemade popcorn, the real butter, and a dash of salt to enjoy with my flick.  Holler!


  1.  Craving banana smoothies.  All day, every day.  This makes me extremely happy because bananas are something I need to eat every day, due to my Charlie horses that I have been getting.  Last night my calf felt like someone was ripping it apart with a trillion knives.  Excruciating pain, not as bad as contractions, but not pleasant… At. All.
  2. Still trying to catch up with all my missed and recorded TV shows.
  3. Baby boy is currently head down!  Horray!
  4. We have a name picked out, but are not telling anyone (except family) until we see his precious lil’ face on his birth day.  But, I will tell you his initials will be N.M.M.
  5. A little nervous about Kellan no longer being the only child, the baby, the only lil’ boy I have and dividing my time up between our two boys.  How do Mom’s adjust to this?  I am sure it will all play out just fine, but in these weeks leading up to our new babe’s birth, I keep questioning and wonder how everything will be.
  6. I am officially 34 weeks pregnant today!  Booyah.
  7. My sister and her two babies come to town this weekend!  I cannot wait. 
  8. Noel is playing in a golf tournament on Saturday.  This will give Kellan and myself the opportunity to spend the entire day with my sis, Kellan will get to play with his cousins, and my parents will also be part of our day!  We are planning on going to a winery in Quincy for the better part of the day where we will get to dine on mussels, clams, oysters and other shellfish.  Plus there is going to be a live band in attendance, so the kiddo’s will get to dance, run around, and play together to the jam-session.  It will be a beautiful day.
  9. Feeling very pregnant these days.  Everything hurts.  The way I sit, lay, eat, walk, and the punches and kicks I am getting are hurting as well.  Excited to meet our lil’ boy and see who he looks like and just give him a million kisses as soon as he is placed on my chest.
  10. My hubby turns the big 3-0 in 13 days.  I know he doesn’t like to be reminded of it, but I am excited for him.  I always try to make our birthdays special, and because of this I asked him what he wanted to do, where he wanted to eat his “last meal” of 29, what type of cake he would like to devour, and all the extra details.  I hope to plan a fantastic party for him.  He deserves it.  I love you babe!!

100% faith

Days off are and have been few and far in between, however, cherry harvest of 2012 has now officially come to a close.  Horray!  We all made it through another harvest and to me that means accomplishing a whole lot.  Patience of myself, my husband, of Kellan.  Our family unit must have patience with one another during these summer months because it can be stressful for Noel (workwise) and myself (homewise).  But we are a good team, we lean on each other for support, for guidance, for any type of anything, and I have grown to find this trait extremely important to our relationship.  Our marriage is strong because we have 100% faith in one another, that we can make it through anything together.  During harvest, our lives need to be routine, this helps us function through the stressful moments of cherry harvest.

Since harvest has come to a close, Noel had yesterday and will have today off.  So we are busy little bees up at our house completing projects and Noel is, as I type this, cleaning out our garage.  Kellan is out there helping him meanwhile I get to write, something I enjoy greatly.  I am anxious to start our fall traditions, the weather seems to be ready as well, we are ready to just calm down & more importantly slow down.  

I thought it would be a fun idea if we went up to Lappin Forest (one of Noel’s orchards) on Sunday evening and go for a little Kubota ride (I call it a “Kado” ride because I always forget what it’s actually called), but none the less, Noel agreed to it and we drove the 30 minutes up to his orchard and spent an hour and a half just cruising around the orchard and through the forest looking at the trees, wildlife, and simply enjoying one another’s company.

[there is a squirrel on this tree, Noel had to point it out to me as he is camouflaged into the tree bark… our only wildlife we saw during this trip…]

…winter loving family.

A day late, not a dollar short…

1.  Yesterday I spent a few hours canning my little heart away.  My husband brought me an entire lug of cherries.  I don’t know if he knew exactly what I was going to do with it, but I decided I would can every last one of those two-biters, raw-pack style in quart jars.  18 quart jars to be exact.  I used a medium syrup, and they turned out beautifully.  Gaze your eyes:

2.  We have officially started eating our very own fresh corn.  I had bought some seeds from EdenBrothers.com and corn was on my list to buy.  Now I bought these seeds back in January, but I did research all our vegetables and seeds before making our final purchase.  Before we went out to the garden to pick an ear, Noel said “I hope you didn’t buy feed corn babe”, thanks babe.  I looked at him, probably rolled my eyes, and then chuckled.  I knew for 100% certainty, that I did not buy feed corn, I bought multi-colored corn.  So, we walked outside, picked the ear, Noel pulled off the outer leaves and there was a beautiful yellow and white mix of corn before our very eyes!  He took a bite, I took a bite, and then we handed it to Kellan who munched on it for a while, then tried feeding it to our cat.  A hit!  So, I bought the right type of corn seeds, and I think next year, I will buy more than one packet, so we can have a few more rows of this tasty corn!

3.  I have decided we are a winter loving family.  It is my favorite time of year, Noel agreed, and the two boys, well I am sure they agree with Mama and Dada, right?  Who doesn’t love to snuggle with your family by the fire and drink hot cocoa?  Yes, we live in the 1930’s.  Thank you.

4.  My Mom, Kellan and myself drove to Cheney for the weekend.  We wanted to go on a road trip and visit some of our favorite people.  My sister, her husband, and two kiddo’s.  It was fabulous!  We did so much.  Went to a water park, went to the mall, went to Mobius (an awesome science center, Wenatchee needs one of these so badly!), stayed up late and talked, ate popcorn, BBQed, and just watched the cousins play.

5.  The countdown is on for our family vacay.  We are going to Maui in exactly 24 days.  Booyah!

6.  Have already started the packing for Maui.  Sunscreen, check.  Tanning oil, check.  Bathing suits, check.  What more do we need??

7.  I am in love with Noel.  In case you didn’t know that already.  He is such a keeper, and I am one very lucky lady!!  Could not have found a better man, best friend, and Daddy.  I love you babe!

8.  Need to start getting my lasagna ready for our dinner tonight…

9.  Currently drinking a diet coke and eating dried mangos.  If you have not tried these, I urge you to go drive out to Bountiful Fruit (on your way to Chelan) and pick up a 12 oz. package.  To. Die. For.

10.  This is my last week in the 2nd trimester.  I can’t believe it.  This pregnancy is going by way faster than Kellan’s.  I keep on having dreams that the baby is a week or two early.  And this is making me a bit nervous, because Kellan was full term, in fact two days late, and I had planned on that for baby brother.  I wonder if he will throw me a curve ball and arrive early.  Every pregnant woman knows the vivid dreams you get while pregnant.  Some have no truth to them, but others turn out to be accurate.  I just wonder what will happen towards the end of this pregnancy.  Either way, we are ready and prepared.  The only thing I don’t have is newborn size swaddler Pamper’s.  Probably should go buy some of those bad boys soon.


Have a beautiful Wednesday!!


1.  I have finally figured out how to upload pictures from my phone onto the internet.  I know, I know, but it’s a big deal to me.  I am quite proud of this accomplishment.

2.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant.  And boy do I feel it.  Every week baby brother will gain around 6 ounces in weight, and continue to grow in length.  He is measuring the same as Kellan, so I am assuming I will have another 8 pounder and loooooong.

3.  Noel is finally done with one of his cherry harvests.  Yay!!  He will have the next few days “off”, which means he will still probably be working, just not as grueling work.  Plus I will get to see him, Kellan will get to see him, and our family unit will be complete.  It’s hard when Noel comes home late, because I want to keep Kellan up to see him, but know it will be hard for me in the morning.  What’s a Momma to do?

4.  We are thinking about driving up to Lake Chelan on one of N’s days off, and either hit up the water slides or just a local park.  Kellan has never played in a river or lake before, with sand in between his toes, so this will be a fun new adventure for everyone.

5.  My beautiful autumn sunflower has finally bloomed!  It is a sight.  I spotted it last night, and Noel and I rushed over to it and just stared in awe at it.  It is not your usual yellow petal sunflower.  It has a dark red-auburn tint to it with a little bit of orange.  Beauty.

As I took this picture, another sunflower bloomed.  Amazing.  These little things.

6.  Just waiting on one more piece of furniture to complete our media room.  This remodel process has taken around two months to complete.  So I am very anxious to have it done and be able to use this functioning room.  Maybe have a movie night with my two boys…

7.  My Mom had Kellan over for another sleep-over on Monday night, and it was so nice to just do what ever I wanted to do, first.  Shower in peace.  Drink a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  Write out my recipe cards that have been neglected for months.  Plus Noel and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Visconti’s.  We even went to the movies and saw Bernie.  I haven’t seen 11pm in quite some time and the last time I looked at the clock that’s what it said.  My oh my.  Thanks again Mom for watching our lil boy for us!

8.  Our corn stalks in the garden have husks.  Cucumber, watermelon and squash plants are all blooming.  Stuff is happening out there people.  It is very interesting and cool to watch.  Kellan loves going out to garden every day.  He tries digging up stuff but mainly he gets dirty, muddy, or pulls on my squash leaves that are now poking through the wire fencing.  Good help lil boy!  I just love you!!

9.  We have been doing a lot of this:

10.  Cheers to a wonderful Tuesday!

22 weeks

1.  I am officially 22 weeks pregnant.  I feel huge, but am told I “barely look pregnant”… hmmmm… pregnancy is going normal, healthy appetite, everything is checked out to be A-okay, so hopefully baby brother will simply keep on growing and arrive on time.  (Our due date is now around November 12th.)

2.  My sis came into town this weekend with her hubby and two babies.  I still call them babies when they are clearly growing up, but to me they are still my little baby nephew and baby niece.  Below are photographs from our weekend:

[Jackson will be 4 on August 1st, Ali is 2, and Kellan is 15 months old]

3.  Kellan loves bath-time!  Always has and hopefully always will.  I wonder what it will be like with two babes in the tub?

4.  Sleeping is hard for me to do now, due to comfort issues.

5.  Noel had to spray last night, which means he left the house at 9:30pm, and was out all night, he is still out working… hopefully he will be home soon to take a nap.

6.  Kellan is having his first sleepover at Nana and Grandpa’s house tonight!  I have his bag packed and he is all ready to go.  I am excited for this too because it means date night for Noel and myself.  Horray!!

7.  The temperature here in Wenatchee has been hot.  Too hot.  105 degrees is the norm now-a-day, and if you don’t have to be outside, don’t!  Seriously, it is too hot to do anything but swim in a pool (if you dare step outside).

8.  Baby brother is quite the active lil’ boy in my tummy.  Every night he just kicks, punches, rolls around, anything he can do it seems like he does.  Noel and I lay down every night and we watch my tummy move.  I love this stage of pregnancies.  So exciting, it is actually reassuring to me, being a Mom, when I feel kicks I think “Okay good, everything is alright with the world”.

9.  We are indecisive on our baby boy name.  And no I will not share with you all the name until we pick one… this will probably be another Kellan fiasco, where we don’t have a name until the day he is born… here we go again!

10.  I am already sleepy, feel exhausted and it is only 2:11pm.  Plus the cramps and aches (technical term is called round ligament pain) is so painful I can barely walk at time… hopefully I start feeling better because I gotta get ready for my hot date!  Adios muchachos!