honorary Red Wing

We had quite the outing yesterday.  For a few weeks now Noel and I have been talking about getting Kellan a pair of his very own hockey skates.  So we decided yesterday was the day we were gunna get our lil boy some blades.  He tried on two pairs and we settled on some beginner skates.  We also bought some black blade guards so he could wear them in the house and get used to the feel of them.  After putting them on (at home) we let go of his hands and he started gliding by himself on the carpet.  Then Kellan promptly asked us for his hockey stick.  Okay lil dude.  I was impressed.  Noel looked at me and said proudly “he was born for it”… I couldn’t help but beam and smile.  Kellan might sign with Detroit, who knows, but for now he is an honorary Red Wing in our home.

IMG_8484 IMG_8485 IMG_8488

[don’t mind Noah’s teal bits on his face… we have a crayon eater upon usIMG_8490 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8496 IMG_8497


Rink Rat.

One word: Hockey.  This sport has been in my life ever since I could talk.  My husband’s as well.  Lucky for us we both love hockey.  Two words: Rink Rat.  Ever heard that before?  If you grew up with a love for hockey then I’m sure you have.  Let me give you a quick definition; a rink rat is a small child (boy or girl) who is at the rink so much they know the in’s and out’s of it.  Where they can go.  Where they can’t go.  Which stairs to go up or come down.  Which doors to open.  Locker rooms anyone?  Where the concession stand is.  Get me?  Well my little Kellan boy has become a rink rat.  Momma likey.


In just three short days, Noah will be one year old.  I can’t hardly believe it.  But in other ways, I totally can.  The first year of life is the most challenging but yet rewarding year (I believe), and it has been nothing short of it.  He is crawling everywhere, climbing stairs, standing up on everything, cruising on furniture, eating with his pinchers, has 7 teeth, standing like a big boy for about 12 seconds, wearing size 4 diapers, can say “mamama” and “dadada”, shakes his head “no” and thinks this is just hilarious, and wears size 18 month clothing.  Not to mention we already gave him his first hair cut (a buzz) and he is already due for another trim.  Such a healthy little guy.  & the happiest baby I have ever seen.  He will always be my little boy, my sweet little baby, and what Kellan affectionately call hims, our Nona.  Love love.


Kellan is 2 years and 7 months old now.  A toddler.  My boy, through and through.  Loves his trucks, cars, helping Daddy work, wears size 4T-5T clothes, riding in Daddy’s truck, eating ice cream wheels, going to the rink, running any chance he gets, painting or coloring on his art easel (with little brother), and the best big brother in the world.  Currently we call him our little parrot.  The reason why is because he repeats everything we say.  It really is the sweetest thing.  Plus he will randomly throw in a high pitch “Sure” or “Yes” if you ask him a question, and this makes me smile, literally from ear to ear.  His voice is something I just can’t hear enough of.  Kellan is just the sweetest little boy.  & he makes me proud every day!  My lil’ angel.


Hockey, art easel fun, Halloween & more hockey will follow.  Your welcome.

[October 27, 2013]





[October 29, 2013]

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[October 31, 2013]

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[November 3, 2013]












Notice anything odd in the above photograph?  Made me laugh, had to share.

Happy Monday!

…beautiful birthday celebration.

This last Sunday, my family celebrated my wonderful husband’s birthday at their home.  It was fabulous.  All our family attended.  After weeks of prepping for the big day, Lauren (Lachlan’s girlfriend), my Mother and I had everything ready.  Decorating was key due to the fact that this was not just a regular birthday party, it was a Harvest themed event.  I must say it felt like the event of the year.  Without the help of my Mom and Lauren, I do not know what I would have done.  Thank you ladies, I love you both!  & to the man of my dreams: I love YOU!  Truly hope that you had the best time at your beautiful birthday celebration.

A photo explosion is about to unravel, enjoy my friends:

001 002 004 005 007 009 010 011 013 014 019 023 024 025 028 031  035

The last photograph is of Pam (Noel’s Mom) and my Mother, who each made a blueberry cheesecake for the guest of honor.  I love this photograph.  It embodies love, grace and gratitude.

Have a beautiful Wednesday friends, cheers!


…we are going to buzz it.

After watching Noah’s hair grow over the past almost 11 months, I decided it was time.  Time to cut his hair.  Of course I had given him snips here and there, but not like this.  I asked Noel to bring me down the electronic razor and he sort of gave me a sound like “aauuuuuuhhh?”  Yes, please bring it down, thanks hun.  I declared, we are going to buzz it.  No objections were made, so we set the razor to number 7, whatever that means, and I started buzzing Noah’s soft, feathery, wispy locks right off.  He looks like a clean-cut little boy.  Almost like a big boy.  But let’s not say that.  He will always be my baby.  I am amazed at how good it looks.  Noah’s head looked awfully large with all his hair, and now it doesn’t.  It will grow back a little bit before our blizzard-white-out-winter.  But I must say, I did a fine job.  I also managed to cut Kellan’s hair as well.  Noel wanted me to cut his too… should I be charging?  Nah, why not add one more title to my list of Mommy “can-do’s”: hairdresser.




Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Camp David.

Last week Noel was busy with work out at one of the family orchards, Camp David, and had been working with the big yellow “workin’ man machines”… you know what I’m talking about, right?  Look at the picture below, then you will:

051 053 055 058 061

…anyway, I had promised Kellan that we would go out during the weekend and he would get to ride & help Daddy drive it.  So, as a promise keeper does, that is exactly what we did.  A family outing to Camp David.  Little did I know I would get a tutorial from Noel about how to set gopher traps.  Oh yeah, Kellan listened intently as Daddy told him what they were doing & why they were setting the traps.  Kellan thoroughly enjoyed himself.

062 067 073 074 078 080 082 083

I enjoy being in the orchard.  It is quiet.  It is peaceful.  You notice more things.  Like the color of the leaves, the way all the rows line up perfectly straight, how tall and elegant they are.  Those types of things.  I am thinking that being in the orchard is one of my ‘zen’ places.  Calm.  Love it.

084 086

Then, Noel asked if I wanted to drive the 4-wheelers up this bushy path.  I said yes, and knew where he was going to take me.  To the spot where he proposed to me.  Getting all teary-eyed I followed him, then watched him drive up with Kellan.  Here we are, four years after he had proposed, with our two little boys, happy about that 27th day of April, 2009 and everything we have built together.  All the memories we have made and continue to make every single day.  We have a family.  Those three are my life.  They are my everything.  Count your blessings.  I know just how lucky I am.

087 090 092 093 103

Enjoy every moment with your family ya’ll!  Have a fabulous weekend!!

…dedication, time & patience.


Noel is back from China. Hallelujah.  Geez, we all missed that man.  My husband & my lil’ boys’ Daddy.  United at last.  I have been enjoying every moment of his return, and I am thinking that the time difference (13 hours) is finally settling back to normal for him.  Noah debuted his crawling a few hours before Noel had to depart to Seattle for his take-off, which was extremely special.  I was thrilled beyond belief that Noel & myself were both home, both watching Noah, and he just started moving those tiny little legs and muscular arms to reach a small yellow school bus.  Taking pictures and video recording were there too, of course.  (Who are we kidding?  I almost always have one or the other in my hand to capture these special moments.)  So for the moment, my pictures look like this:


and this:


and then lastly this:


I know, cute butt right?  But he is getting fast (mostly to keep up with big brother), and he is already trying this knee scoot on his left leg, with his right leg straight, like he is trying to walk already?  Huh?  I need to first get accustomed to two boys being mobile, then you can start walking lil boy.  Noah also is a pro at keeping balanced on his knees and will either bounce, or use anything he can to lift himself up higher & higher.  I usually just watch and see what he will do next, (no helicopter parenting around this joint), and when he falls or stumbles and he makes his gerbil squeaks I just look at him and say “It’s okay baby, no blood, you’re okay”, enough reassurance for him.  Such a good boy.  Noah is also officially weaned from Mommy.  My goal was to nurse him as long as I did with Kellan and I made it.  Mission accomplished.  10 months baby, yeah!  Although it was sad to end our nursing journey together, I am proud to say I gave each of my boys equal treatment.

Kellan is a jibber-jabber-say-anything-speaks-in-his-own-language-when-he-gets-excited kinda guy.  Right now he mostly is keeping his special cars and toys up & away from little brother.  But he does share his food, oddly.  He is going to learn this sharing concept early, and Noah will be learning it too.  Plus & Plus!  We are teaching K-man his colors, shapes, as well as being potty-enforcers.  Super-Potty Hero.  (It’s a book, okay?)  Slowly he will get it.  I must have four books on the subject, a fun sticker book, a chart, potty treats, two toilet seats (that insert on top of the “big-boy toilet”) and a few days ago I had bought a frog toilet that he can sit down on and use wherever & whenever.  My goal is to have Noah weaned from his bottles, then start in on the serious potty-training.  Because I probably change 20 diapers each and every day, I am excited about this, but know it will take dedication, time & patience.  We will get to it.  We will get there.  All in due time.


Our garden is producing our late harvest of eggplants, cantaloupe, honey dew, butternut squash, bell peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, beets and tomatoes.  I will be sharing our vegetables with my family and look forward to reading new recipes to try out.  I made some oven-fried chicken last night with slices of beets mixed in and they were delicious.  Next year I hope to have a better amount so I can make some yummy borscht.  Personally, I love the taste and color of beets.  Luckily, my husband and lil’ boys are willing to try anything I cook for them.  Yay!  Any recipe I think we will like, we usually do.

Enjoy your Thursday my friends.  Cheers!